My First Victorinox Plus

Victorinox - My First Victorinox Plus The 84mm My First Victorinox Plus model has a knife blade with a rounded tipped for younger pocket-knife users. It upgrades the My First Victorinox by adding a wood saw to the tool configuration.

In 2020 Victorinox introduced the My First Victorinox Children's Sets (Animal Edition). These were three boxed sets comprising a My First Victorinox Plus with a colourful new scale design, each featuring one of three different animals; a matching neck strap; and a colouring book, which included knife usage safety instructions.

Layer Tools

Victorinox - My First Victorinox Plus

My First Victorinox Children Sets, Animal Edition - Dolphin, Rabbit and Parrot
My First Victorinox Children Sets, Animal Edition - Dolphin, Rabbit and Parrot

Scale Tools


Red, blue or pink translucent Cellidor, or red Nylon.
From 2020: Coloured scales with parrot, rabbit and dolphin designs.


In 2020 Victorinox started selling this model under the name My First Victorinox H.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Height: 13.6mm
  • Weight: 45g


  • 2.2373: Red Nylon scales (53565)
  • 0.2373.T: Translucent red scales (54651)
  • 0.2373.T2: Translucent sapphire blue scales (54652)
  • 0.2373.T5: Translucent pink scales

US model numbers in brackets

My First Victorinox Children Sets:

  • 0.2373.E1: Dolphin
  • 0.2373.E2: Rabbit
  • 0.2373.E3: Parrot

Related Models

  • Junior 09 - Victorinox Delémont model for younger users, replaces the Combo Tool with a nail file
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