Victorinox Modeler The Modeler is a 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with five tool layers. It adds the slightly less common metal file/saw to the tools of the well known Explorer model. It is relatively uncommon, and somewhat difficult to obtain.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Canada Wildlife Series-moose
Canada Wildlife Series-moose

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Weight: 119 g

Related Models

  • Explorer - Removes the metal saw; later versions also have a hook
  • Mountaineer - Removes the the Phillips screwdriver and magnifying glass
  • Woodsman - The 91mm Woodsman model replaces the metal-file/saw with a wood saw
  • Champion c - Adds the woodsaw and the fishscaler

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