Wenger Minathor Evo. Pictures by lowtech. The Minathor is a unique and unusual 85mm Wenger Swiss Army Knife that includes a set of Bergeon watchmaker tools, and a number of other tools for horological and micro-technology work. The name Min-at-hor - mini atelier du horloger (in French), means 'small watch factory!'

The Minathor was available in Daily (regular) and Club versions:

  • The Daily versions having standard Cellidor or Evolution / EvoGrip scales
  • The Club versions having steel scales and custom leather insets with a matching knife pouch

The Daily versions have also been labelled the MicroTechnician and the Micro Tool Chest. These names may have also been applied to earlier Wenger models with different tools.

Discontinued model.

Wenger's Partners for the Minathor
Wenger's Partners for the Minathor

Layer Tools

Minathor Club Version
Minathor Club Version
Minathor Tool Illustration
Minathor Tool Illustration

Minathor Unique Tools:
The Minathor included two Wenger specialist tools:

.... and also the following watchmaker tools made by Bergeon:
The tool bits are housed in a special slotted tool carrier in the knife, which also contains a removable tool handle for the tool bits.

  • Tool handle - removeable
  • Watchmaker Toolkit Holder - containing the following slots and tools:
    1. Pin punch bit 1.2mm
    2. Pin punch bit 0.8mm
    3. Reamer 0.55mm
    4. The reamer extends into this slot
    5. Empty in the standard configuration
    6. Empty in the standard configuration
    7. Fine springbar fork bit
    8. Screwdriver bit 1.2mm
    9. Screwdriver bit 0.8mm
    10. Round file
    11. The round file extends into this slot
    12. Empty in the standard configuration
    13. Empty in the standard configuration
    14. Phillips screwdriver bit 1.5mm

There are a number of additional tools available from Bergeon that are compatible with the Minathor and could be used to fill the empty slots.

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

  • Oil pick - a.k.a. toothpick
  • Fine tweezers - The end of the tweezers come to a point, as opposed to the regular flat tip
    They are used to lift the tools out of the tool carrier, or for other fine work


Red Cellidor for the standard model, Evolution, EvoGrip and EvoWood scales were also available.
There were also several Club models with metal and leather scales.


The Minathor was a collaboration between the micro tool company Bergeon and Wenger.
Wenger also used Schweizer & Schoepf (S&S) to make the leather detailing in the metal scales of the luxury Club versions of this model. See image above.

Wenger later produced their own luxury handled versions, that did not involve Schweizer & Schoepf, however several had leather insets in metal handles, but were supplied without  the matching pouch. These editions still featured different packaging and cases.


  1. The Daily versions often included the split ring attachment, but no keyring was provided. Some Daily versions have been shipped with regular tweezers.
  2. There were five Club versions featuring metal scales, each with a different exotic leather inlay (colour and leather type), and a matching exotic leather case. They were supplied in custom packaging.
  3. The small metal file with the screwdriver tip, is known to have two variations: a finer grey metal version, and a rougher stainless-steel cut version. It maybe that the stainless-steel version is only available on the Club knives.
  4. The Toolkit will hold four additional tools, not supplied with the knife, or six additional tools, if the longer file and reamer tools, which take two positions, are substituted with other tools. Some vendors may custom configure the Bergeon toolkit tools. The standard Wenger Complement Set (6.05.20/98831) includes 1, 1.5 and 2mm straight screwdriver bits, and a 2mm Phillips bit. Some dealers may include these bits, or others, with their version of the Minathor.
  5. An EvoWood scaled version was available through specialised dealers. These scales were introduced in 2010.
  6. The Blancpain EvoWood version was a special run for the Blancpain watch company with Blancpain laser etched onto the top-scale.
  7. The Blancpain special edition featured wooden scales from the EKA Wood Collection. This was a special run produced for the Blancpain watch company and included a wooden box case with a sliding cover that included a Bergeon 21/2 magnifier jeweller’s loupe. This version does not include the toothpick and tweezers.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: Club - 29.7mm; Daily/Evolution - 33mm
  • Weight: Club - 175g; Daily/Evolution - 137g


  • 1.550.46.300: Red Evolution - Model: 50-300 (US Model Number: 16109)

  • 1.551.46.706: Calf (black) inset in stainless-steel scales
  • 1.551.46.707: Calf (tan) inset in stainless-steel scales
  • 1.551.46.713: Cariboo (black) inset in stainless-steel scales
  • 1.551.46.799: Metal stainless-steel scales
  • 1.551.46.814: Evolution ST (SoftTouch?) scales (black with red shield)

Model Numbers not listed for the regular red Cellidor (Model 50); Red EvoGrip (Model 821); Yellow EvoGrip (Model 822) and EvoWood versions

S&S Club Models: Showing leather type and colour

  • 700 - 1.551.46.700: Crocodile (brown/tan)
  • 701 - 1.551.46.701: Shark (green)
  • 702 - 1.551.46.702: Lizard (red)
  • 703 - 1.551.46.703: Caribou (blue)
  • 704 - 1.551.46.704: Calf (tan)

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