Victorinox Mate, 58mm The Victorinox Mate is a 58mm knife featuring four tool layers. Its extra tools over the Classic make it a very capable key-chain knife without adding too much weight.
This model is very similar to the Vagabond which was produced after the Mate was discontinued. This tool configuration may even have been known as the Vagabond in some markets. See the Vagabond page for history and evolution.

Discontinued model

BSA Woods Badge Version
BSA Woods Badge version

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red Cellidor

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 11.2
  • Weight: 34g


BSA Woods Badge version, features black scales and a gold woods-band log/axe emblem on the top scale, bottom scale has the shield.


First year produced is 1995 and since there no known models produced with the wire stripper notch on the bottle opener it must have been discontinued before 1997. It shares a close history with the Vagabond.


  • 0.6353 (US Model Number: 54071)

Related Models

  • Vagabond - Later version, adds wire-stripper/bender notch, and newer versions replace flat-tip screwdriver with Philips-screwdriver tip
  • MiniChamp I - Replaces opener/screwdriver with cuticle pusher and ruler/screwdriver
  • Rogue - Removes emergency blade, and cut-and-picker blade
  • Drifter - Replaces the cut&picker blade with a ruler/screwdriver, and the combi straight screwdriver with a Phillips, has Alox handles
  • Rambler - Removes the emergency blade, and cut-and-picker blade, replaces the combi tool flat screwdriver with a Phillips, and nail-file nail-cleaner tip with a flat screwdriver tip

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