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Nice 5 layer Master Craftsman with a Space Shuttle inlay. This knife may have been called a Craftsman at the time it was released, seems to be some confusion on the whole matter that maybe Victorinox has made more confusing rather than clarifying. The Victorinox Master Craftsman is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife with Cellidor scales. It's one of the smaller knives to contain both the metal file/saw as well as the wood saw. The last known variations offer 5 tools on the back of this medium sized package resulting in a very high tool density.

This model is closely related to the more common Ranger.

In 1986 after a previous procurement of the Master Craftsman by NASA for official use by its astronauts, Victorinox started manufacturing the Astronaut model with the same tool configuration. This model was also later sold with special handles featuring a metal inlaid image of the space shuttle, causing some to refer to the knife as the Space Shuttle or Shuttle model.

Discontinued Model.
- Although the Space Shuttle version is available via some Japanese Victorinox dealers (2015) - See Variations.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Shuttle Scale Inlay
Shuttle Scale Inlay


Red or black Cellidor


  1. The Astronaut Model: In late 1978 NASA bought 50 knives from Victorinox, presumably Master Craftsman models, for their Shuttle personnel. These were plain scaled versions with no special name or designs on the scales. Victorinox later started producing this same model calling it an "Astronaut". These were produced from 1986 until 1991. Being pre-1991 models these versions had no Hook or Chisel.
  2. The Space Shuttle model was produced in the mid 80's and had a Space Shuttle logo on the top red scale. The "Space Shuttle" knives were based on the Astronaut model. There was some overlapping of 1991 in production since there are models found both with and without a Hook. A Shuttle variation is available which includes the newer fine screwdriver and chisel on the back. This later Shuttle variation (still identified as 1.4763.SS) contains the newer fine screwdriver, chisel as well as the hook on the back. Latest models may have the newer, stainless steel metal-saw/file.
  3. A version with blue alox scales and exposed rivets was made for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) and Navy (KM) in the 1970s.
  4. A new issue of the Space Shuttle version of the Master Craftsman was created for the Japanese Victorinox market in 2015, with the inlay, and the latest full complement of backtools.
  • Note 1: There are a couple of commemorative Astronaut models based on the Craftsman model.
  • Note 2: There is another similar knife with a Space Shuttle on it. The Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Collectors Society, or VSAKCS, issues a special club knife every year. In 2006 the club anniversary knife was a special model with a Space Shuttle inlay on the top scale, and a special metal panel on the bottom scale engraved with "Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Collectors Society".  However, this knife has the same tools as the Grand Prix, but is referred to as an Astronaut in the supplied documentation. The knife features a Stainless Steel metal-saw/file which does not exist on standard Grand Prix, Master Craftsman, or Astronaut models.
  • Note 3: The shuttle scales have also been seen on other models, but not much official information is available on them. It's pretty clear that these were made in smaller quantities, and maybe just for special promotions. Some counterfeit versions of the Shuttle models may be in circulation. SAKwiki needs photos if any one has one.


Early (pre-1991) models will not have a back-spring hook or a chisel.
With its association with the US space program, this model as had a illustrious career.
However it has probably been discontinued since at least 2006 - as it does not appear in the catalogue for that year - With the exception of the Japanese model mentioned above.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 22mm
  • Weight: ~119g


  • 1.4763
  • 1.4763.SS - Space Shuttle Variation

Related Knives

  • Ranger - Phillips screwdriver is replaced with a corkscrew
  • Craftsman - Adds pliers, and also has an 'Astronaut' variation
  • Fieldmaster - Removes metal saw layer, fine screwdriver, and chisel.
  • Grand Prix - Removes wood saw layer, back layer tool differences depend on versions of both models!

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