Victorinox Manager Cropped The Manager is a common 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that has the same main toolset as the Rambler but with a pressurized ballpoint pen replacing the toothpick in the scales.

The Midnite Manager replaces the tweezers in the Manager with a small LED light.

The Midnite Manager@Work adds a slim USB drive to the body of the knife.

Name Disambiguation: For a brief period of time probably in the late 1990's, possibly only in some markets and prior to this Manager configuration, the Vagabond tool configuration was known as the Manager!

Layer Tools

Midnite Manager
Midnite Manager

Midnite Manager@Work adds:

Scale Tools

The light is activated by pressing and holding the Victorinox shield, which acts as a switch.
A small battery is inserted in the handles to provide the power source for the light.

Note: Victorinox suggests opening the nail-file when using the pen, to extend the overall length and make writing more comfortable.


This model originally had solid red Cellidor scales, but translucent ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green scale options were added later.


A flat, instead of Phillips, screwdriver variation on the combi tool was also available for the Manager and Midnite Manager models. This option is now withdrawn. These models don't have their own names - Let's name them Manager II / Midnite Manager II accordingly?


The Midnite Manager was originally released in 1998. Starting some time between 2009 and 2011 the brighter white LED light replaced the red.
The Midnite Manager@Work storage was Initially available in 16GB and 32GB sizes in the 2.0 USB version and later in a 64Gb size (as the Midnite Manager 64 GB).
The current model 4.6336.TG32 (2020) is the 3.0/3.1 version and has 32Gb.

Physical Specifications

Midnite Manager@Work (2015)
Midnite Manager@Work (2015)

Older variation: Flat SD combi; nail-file with nail-cleaner
Older variation: Flat SD combi; nail-file with nail-cleaner
  • Length: 58mm
  • Length: 60mm - Midnite Manager@Work (due to the USB keyring protrusion)
  • Height: 12mm - Manager
  • Height: 14mm - Midnite Manager
  • Height: 20mm - Midnite Manager@Work
  • Weight: 31g - Manager
  • Weight: 44g - Midnite Manager@Work

Identifiers and Models


  • 0.6365: Red Cellidor (US Model Number: 53031)
  • 0.6365.T: Ruby red translucent scales
  • 0.6365.T2: Sapphire blue translucent scales
  • 0.6365.T4: Emerald green translucent scales

Midnite Manager

  • 0.6366: Red scales - (53851: Red LED; 53751: White LED)
  • 0.6366.T: Ruby red translucent scales - (53856: Red LED; 53756: White LED)
  • 0.6366.T2: Sapphire blue translucent scales - (53857: Red LED; 53757: White LED)
  • 0.6366.T4: Emerald green translucent scales

US model codes in brackets
The Victorinox model number is identical for the red and white LED versions

Midnite Manager @Work
All ruby red translucent scales, white LED

  • 4.6366.TG16/32: (2015) 16/32Gb flash drive
  • 4.6366.TG64: (2016) 64Gb flash drive
    • Was on sale as the 'Midnite Manager 64 GB' for a very short period of time
  • 4.6336.TG16/32: (2017/2020) 16/32 Gb flash drive

Related Models

  • Rambler - Has a toothpick instead of the ballpoint pen; no flash drive
  • Signature Family - Similar family but without the cap-lifter/bottle opener combo-tool
  • Jetsetter@Work - Another 58mm SAK with a USB drive - Different toolset and Alox scales
  • Victorinox@Work - Removes the combo tool and flashlight from the Midnite Manager@Work model

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