Macao Series

Wenger MacaoSeries The Wenger Macao Series features luxury handled versions of the Wenger 65mm Esquire. The Macao models have the same layer tools as the Esquire, but exclude the toothpick, tweezers, and keyring.

The scales are gold-plated and have an inlaid Chinese hand lacquer finish in various colors and patterns.


Layer Tools

Macao Series
Macao Series
Wenger Black Macao
Black Macao in luxury box with slip-case
Macao - Red, Black, and Blue
Red, Black, and Blue Models


18 karat gold-plated (5 microns) metal scale borders with a Chinese hand lacquered centre in a variety of colours.


  1. There are at least seven different lacquer patterns or colours.
  2. 1991 black Jubilee model (also known as the William Tell commemorative Macao).
  3. Available with and without the Wenger emblem.
  4. Editions featuring a nail-file with a ceramic abrasive like those standard on the Lithos Series.


The Macao Series models often came packaged in blue jewelry boxes with grey-velvet lining, and included a black leather slip-case with a folding closure and the Wenger logo in gold. They were also sold in ordinary cardboard knife boxes with a more common Elite series velvet slip-case.
The Regency, Royale, Imperiale & Jubilee models were 24 karat gold-plated with special imprints. They featured a pen blade, scissors, nail-file and nail cleaner.


  • 1.86.51: Red
  • 1.86.50: Red - without the Wenger logo
  • 1.86.53: Green
  • 1.86.52: Green - without the Wenger logo
  • 1.86.55: Gray
  • 1.86.54: Gray - without the Wenger logo
  • 1.86.57: Brown
  • 1.86.59: Aqua
  • 1.86.61: Blue
  • 1.86.63: Black

US Model Numbers:

  • 16670: Red
  • 16671: Green-marbled
  • 16673: Brown-marbled
  • 16675: Blue-marbled
  • 16676: Black

Related Models

  • Lithos Series - Very similar luxury models with gold and inlaid stone scales
  • Esquire - Regular model. Same layer tools, adds the toothpick, tweezers, and keyring, various non-luxury scale options


  • Deluxe - Similar Victorinox model with precious metal scales


Wenger Jubilee
Wenger '700' - Switzerland 700yr Anniversary Commemorative
Switzerland 700yr Anniversary Commemorative

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