Introduced in 2007, at the time, this Victorinox design was the world's smallest laser pointer. Its small size allowed it to be incorporated into scales of a 58mm Swiss Army Knife.
The design uses a laser diode 3.3 millimeters in size, the optics holder is made of solid brass, and all the contacts are gold-plated. It uses an embedded microprocessor to enable advanced power control to extend the life of the battery and the laser.

Technical Specifications:

Certification:Class 2 laser product
Light Colour:Red, Visible
Wavelength:655 nm (Typical) (min. 645 nm - max 660 nm)
Output (max):0.8 mW (laser class II compliant <1mW)
Output:0.4 - 0.8 mW (automatically controlled)
Operating Temperature:0 - 40 deg. Celsius
Operating Voltage:1.55 V
Battery:1 x 389E silver oxide button cell
Range:Approximately 25 meters under presentation conditions, or 100 meters in total darkness.

58mm Models with the Laser Pointer:

SwissMemory, Signature, Presentation Master, Flash - Sometimes variations of these models - See pages

See also: The Wenger Laser Pointer, which is contained in the body of a knife.

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