Introduced in 2007, the new Victorinox design was the world's smallest Laser Pointer. Its small size allowed it to be incorporated into scales of the 58mm knife series. The design uses a laser diode 3.3 millimeters in size, the optics holder is made of solid brass, and all the contacts are gold-plated. It uses an embedded microprocessor to enable advanced power control to extend the life of the battery and the laser.
		Victorinox Laser Warning Label

See also: Wenger Laser Pointer which is contained a layer of a knife.
Victorinox Laser Pointer

Technical Specifications:

Certification:Class 2 laser product
Light Colour:Red, Visible
Wavelength:655 nm (Typical) (min. 645 nm - max 660 nm)
Output (max):0.8 mW (laser class II compliant <1mW)
Output:0.4 - 0.8 mW (automatically controlled)
Operating Temperature:0 - 40 deg. Celsius
Operating Voltage:1.55 V
Battery:1 x 389E silver oxide button cell
Range:Approximately 25 meters under presentation conditions, or 100 meters in total darkness.
		Victorinox Laser


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