LED Light

The white in-line LED light module is a feature of some 91mm models (see below), which was introduced in 2002. In most models it is paired opposite the short version of the inline Phillips screwdriver, although in the CyberTool Lite & Swisschamp XAVT it is opposite the magnifying glass.

The light unit housing was originally grey, however, the most recent versions (2019) have an attractive transparent housing. The sliding switch can be locked in the on-position or, when in the off-position, pressed down for momentary-on operation.

Later versions (introduction date currently unknown) were brighter than that the original version, with the 2019 version being significantly brighter again.

The unit is powered by two replaceable button cell 3V CR1225 batteries.

Models with the Flashlight

See also:
LED-MiniLight - A small LED light in the scales of some Victorinox 58mm models
Wenger Flashlight Tool - A similar, but larger Wenger layer-mounted flashlight

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