Kasemesser - Cheese Knife

The 2010 Swiss Cheese Knife manufactured for SCM AG, a Swiss cheese marketing group, by Victorinox.  111mm Frame, 2 layers, slide-lock locking system on main-blade. Photo by: Victor7000 (MT.org), additional processing applied. The Victorinox Cheese Knife (Schweizer Käsemesser / Swiss Cheese Knife) was announced in October 2010 by Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG (SCM), an organisation responsible for promoting Swiss cheese.

This model introduced a new tool to the Swiss Army Knife: the Cheese Blade, it came with custom scales and the main blade had SCM marketing information etched on both sides.

Initially this model was only available via promotions from SCM, but later a regular model with standard features became generally available. The cheese blade was also introduced in a variation of this knife and in an additional special edition - See Scales, History, Models and Variations below.

This model was originally manufactured by Victorinox using their 111mm frame with a slide-locking main blade. In 2017, as part of Victorinox's re-structuring of their 111mm range, the standard Cheese Knife was converted to be liner-locking.

In 2019 SCM brought out a Version 2.0 of this model and later that year Victorinox brought out their regular Version 2.0 - The Cheese Master.


Layer Tools 

The main blade on the SCM version had etching on both sides: The reverse side advertising switzerland-cheese.com; the obverse had the model name etched in four languages. Prior to 2017 the main blade was slide-locking.

Limited Edition Horn Scaled Käsemesser
Limited Edition with Horn Scales

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


The scales on the original promotional version were unique to this model.
They were red Nylon with a large white Swiss cross logo in the centre.
The shade of red was brighter than the regular models, the lock release button was red.

The generally available model had regular slide-lock scales, with the normal shield and grey button.
The liner-lock version has no release button in the scales.


See Models and Variations below for timelines.

The Victorinox Käsemesser was first introduced in 2010 as a part of a marketing campaign by Switzerland Cheese Marketing (SCM) AG. Its design and introduction was a collaboration between SCM AG and Victorinox. This was the first new slide-lock based model introduced for several years - as new models tended to be liner-locking at that time.

The initial promotional campaign involved customers obtaining the knife through the mail for 20 CHF together with five Swiss cheese proof-of-purchase seals. The knife was delivered with some unique custom packaging (see section below), also a booklet on Swiss cheese was included. SCM had sole marketing rights for the knife for three years.

It was reported in February 2011 that SCM had already sold the complete initial run of 30,000 knives, and was in the process of procuring another shipment. Victorinox stated that this knife may be available from their Victorinox Flagship Stores, however, due to the exclusive marketing agreement with SCM, would not be generally available.

Dates, Models and Variations

  • 2010: The original Käsemesser from SCM/Victorinox was announced (...retired)
  • 2012: Victorinox manufactured a deluxe Limited Edition of the Käsemesser with handmade horn-scales, with a white inlaid Swiss cross composed of Galalith (milk- stone), and a liner-locking main blade. Only 1200 were produced and each knife was numbered (nnnn) on the liner behind the corkscrew. They came in special gift packaging and with an information booklet. Distribution was limited, again through SCM, and the greater Swiss market (...retired)
  • 2012: A special-edition Bubinga hardwood scales Cheese-Knife with three tool-layers was released. See: Hardwood Cheese Knife (...retired)
  • 2013: The regular version of the Käsemesser, the Victorinox Cheese Knife became generally available, but with standard red Nylon scales; with the grey lock-release button; the regular silver outlined Victorinox shield; and the tweezers. It did not include the special scales or packaging of the original SCM version. (It is possible this version was initially released as a Special Edition in the US (Model: 80833) , Australia, and a few other markets) (...retired)
  • 2017: The regular Cheese Knife is converted from a slide-locking to liner-locking model, when Victorinox ceased production of slide-locking models (...retired - see 2021 below)
  • Early 2019: Version 2.0 of the Käsemesser was released by SCM/Victorinox introducing another new tool: the fondue fork (...special edition)
  • Late 2019: Victorinox released their own regular Version 2.0 - the Cheese Master.
  • In 2021 it appears that the Cheese Knife is withdrawn, (not in 2021 catalogue) presumably being replaced by the CheeseMaster.
Cheese Knife - US Edition
Regular (slide-lock) Cheese Knife

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: Slide-lock: 15.8mm; Liner-lock: 16mm
  • Weight: Slide-lock: 75.8g; Liner-lock: 96.5 g

Käsemesser (with horn-scales) Liner-lock Model:

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Weight: 103g


  • 0.8833.R: Original slide-locking version, regular red Nylon scales
    • US Model Number: 80833 - Standard packaging
  • 0.8833.62: Horn scales
  • 0.8303.W: Cheese Knife - Liner-locking version, red Nylon scales

Related Models

  • Hardwood Cheese Knife - Three-layer special edition; adds the standard openers layer and hardwood scales
  • Cheese Master - The second version of the Cheese Knife released in 2019; adding the fondue fork
  • Picnicker - The cheese blade is replaced with the openers layer; adds the reamer
  • Alpineer - Single-layer model; removing the cheese blade

Original V1 Cheese Knife Packaging

Custom Packaging #1
Custom Packaging #2
Custom Packaging #3

Custom Packaging #4

Additional Information

The English language website etched on the blade of the original version (www.switzerland-cheese.com) does not exist anymore, however switzerland-cheese.ch in French, German and Italian re-directs the user to the current websites and www.cheesesfromswitzerland.com appears to be the current SCM website, and the corresponding French, German and Italian also exist.

SCM Backgroud  (Machine Translation)
Switzerland Cheese Marketing (SCM) AG is a non-profit organization that offers its services in the area of Marketing Communications to the market participants in the Swiss cheese industry. It operates a synergetic, effective and efficient consumer marketing for Swiss cheese. Headquartered in Bern, SCM operates in Switzerland and in the key export markets of Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the Benelux countries where it has offices and specialist teams. By combining the strengths of all industry players and, thanks to thorough market knowledge and local presence, the team experienced a significant positive contribution to the promotion of Swiss cheese. SCM is involved as a neutral and information dissemination site for the entire cheese industry.

Original German Language Press Release - letzte Aktualisierung am 03.06.10 um 11:54 Uhr

Switzerland Cheese Marketing startet 2010 mit einer neuen Werbekampagne für Schweizer Käse im Inland (Schweiz). Ziel: Die Konsumenten sollen vermehrt auf die Herkunft Schweiz achten, wenn sie an der Käsetheke oder vor dem Kühlregal stehen und Käse kaufen. Gattungswerbung für Schweizer Käse muss sich einerseits von der Sortenwerbung klar abheben und darf andererseits natürlich keine Einzelmarke bevorzugen, schreibt die verantwortliche Agentur Neue Lgk dazu in einer Pressemitteilung.

Das schafft nur eine Idee, ein Bild, ein Symbol, eine Geschichte, die stellvertretend für alle Käsearten funktioniert. Ein guter Grund, endlich das Schweizer Käsemesser zu erfinden. Denn das Schweizer Messer gibt es mit über hundert verschiedenen Klingen. Aber bisher hatte es eben keine Käseklinge. Das wird sich demnächst ändern. Im September kommt im Rahmen der neuen Werbekampagne das Schweizer Messer mit einer speziellen Käseklinge auf den Markt. In allen neuen TV-Spots wird das neuartige Schweizer Käsemesser gezeigt und dabei über den Schweizer Käse, seine Qualitäten, seine Herstellung, seine Traditionen, seine Natürlichkeit gesprochen. Mehr Infos: http://www.persoenlich.com/news/show_news.cfm?newsid=88812 Der Beitrag wurde am 03.06.10 um 13:30 Uhr bearbeitet.

English Language Machine Translation - Last updated on 03:06:10 at 11:54 clock

Switzerland Cheese Marketing starts 2010 with a new advertising campaign for Swiss cheese in Switzerland (Switzerland). Target: Consumers will increasingly look for the origin of Switzerland when they are at the cheese counter or in front of the refrigerated section and shirts. Generic advertising of Swiss cheese has to be a part of the variety of advertising and must stand out clearly on the other hand, of course, do not favor any single brand, the responsible agency New LGK writes in a press release.

This creates only an idea, an image, a symbol, a story that works on behalf of all cheeses. A good reason to reinvent the last Swiss cheese knife. Because it is the Swiss Army Knife with over a hundred different blades. But so far it had just no cheese blade. That will change soon. In September, comes as part of the new advertising campaign, the Swiss cheese knife with a special blade on the market. In all new TV commercials, the new Swiss cheese knife will be shown and discussed here about the Swiss cheese, its qualities, its production, its traditions, its naturalness. More info: http://www.persoenlich.com/news/show_news.cfm?newsid=88812 This entry was edited on 03:06:10 at 13:30 clock.

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