Victorinox Huntsman with blue scales The Victorinox Huntsman is a popular choice among the different four layer models and 91mm sized knives overall. The wood saw and scissors combined with the two standard knife blades and openers, equips the Huntsman with the most popular tools and the ability to handle most cutting chores.
This tool configuration has been manufactured in different forms and sizes for several decades. Historically, a similar tool configuration used the Woodsman name.

The Rainier model/variation was a Huntsman with a partially serrated blade (See Variations below) - This model is no longer available.

Layer Tools

Rainier model/variation with a 60% serrated blade
Rainier model/variation with a 60% serrated blade

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red and black Cellidor scales are fairly standard. Ruby, sapphire, and later SilverTech were also available. Camouflage scales are also available in either Shadow Grass or New Breakup patterns. Available sometimes in the US with Stayglow scales that have been added as a modification, or the knife was imported. As with most models other colors may be available from time to time, or in specific markets.


The Woodsman was a much earlier model with the same basic toolset, but omitting the toothpick and tweezers and also the long nail file which were all installed on the Huntsman at that time. (Note: The name 'Woodsman' has been used for several different configurations).

Being in production for a number of decades, the Huntsman has undergone quite a few changes over the years. Very early models with the same basic tool configuration can be found with the exposed riveted construction, the original awl, and later, the long nail file on the back.
Over the years several changes have been made to the saw, corkscrew and scissors. Prior to 1991 the Huntsman, like other models, did not include the multipurpose hook.


  1. The Archer was an authentic staghorn scaled version that did not include the toothpick or tweezers in the scales. This name might be regional, it first appeared in a Canadian distributors catalog in 1980.
  2. The Rainier model/variation replaced the main blade with a partially (60%) serrated blade, with the serrations starting at the tang. It was one of a series of three models, primarily for the US market, named after famous mountains. See also: McKinley, Matterhorn. All were serrated versions of regular models. This series is discontinued.
  3. BSA Huntsman - Wood Badge (SABI# 1130) Sold in the USA by the distributor Swiss Army Brands Inc. This model has black scales and a Boy Scout's gold Woods Badge Emblem centered on the top scale. The corkscrew is replaced with a Phillips screwdriver.
  4. BSA Huntsman (US Model 55201) has a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) logo on the handles and replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver. It is really a Fieldmaster based on the included tools, but Victorinox chose to call it a Huntsman. Possibly it could have been a naming mistake that did not get noticed in time!
  5. Huntsman Plus (US Model 53261) adds Plus Scales with removable pen and straight pin, and includes the mini-screwdriver.
  6. The Traveller Set is a Huntsman Plus packaged with a pouch, a Maglight flashlight and a small multipurpose outdoors tool containing: a compass; thermometer; ruler; magnifying glass; and spirit level. The naming of this set is rather confusing and it should not be confused with the Traveller which is a completely different model!
  7. A special collector's black scaled Eidgenossenschaft 700 Year Commemorative knife was manufactured in 1991. This special knife was marketed in the domestic market and features a special wooden presentation box. Eidgenossenschaft is a German word for the historical Swiss Confederacy, made with the Oath of 1291 which united the areas of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden, and is now seen as the charter or birth of the confederacy which evolved into the current Switzerland.
  8. A red scaled Confoederatio Helvetica 700 Year Commemorative Huntsman was also produced in 1991 to commemorate the Oath in the Field of 1291. This knife appears more common than the black scaled Eidgenossenschaft model, and was also marketed outside of the domestic market. Other models were also produced to commemorate the 700 year anniversary.
  9. In 2010 the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collectors Society club knife was a Huntsman. It featured translucent SilverTech scales with a club badge printed on top in a red rectangle, the main blade was etched Jahr 2010.
  10. In 2011 a Hardwood Scaled Huntsman was released. This is a light colored hardwood, the same as has been available on the SwissChamp model for a while. This may be a limited offering, and appears to only be available in North America.
  11. In 2011 Victorinox produced the Huntsman Bubinga limited edition for the French market. These knives feature wooden scales made of Bubinga from Gabon, include a leather pouch, a certificate of authenticity, and are packaged in a presentation box. This special offering is limited to 1000 knives and each knife is numbered with an etching on the main blade nnnn/1000. The wooden scales are darker than the Bubinga hardwood used on some other models to date.
  12. The Horseshoe Nail Knife is a limited edition from the 2011 AW11 - Capsule Collection created for Victorinox. For this special collection UK Designer Christopher Ræburn recycled existing materials into fashion and accessory items. The Huntsman was one of the items in the collection, it featured unique scales made from vintage horseshoe nails melted down and hammered, giving a subtle uniqueness to each knife. The packaging of the knife also uses recycled material. It was presented in the reclaimed original paper box for the nails with inserts made of wool from military blankets. Limited to just 100 pieces, each knife has a serial number stamped on the liner behind the corkscrew and the collection slogan 'Remade in Switzerland / Christopher Ræburn for Victorinox' etched on the blade in two lines. These scales do not include the toothpick or tweezers. This variation is significantly heavier than the regular Huntsman and weighs 166g. Model Number: 1.3711.L11 / 2196_ONE.
  13. Walnut and Beli wood scaled versions were introduced in Italy in 2012.
  14. A special version with added chisel can sometimes be seen welded on a stainless steel post as a display piece in European knife stores. These knives have unsharpened blades and all tools have an extra stop for fanning out the tools in a certain way.
  15. Since 2014 Victorinox has produced Huntsman models as an annual limited editions release featuring animals from the Chinese Zodiac. These models come in luxurious display boxes that normally feature a design that is continuous with the pattern on the knife. Since at least 2017 all knives have a serial number under the corkscrew (in the format XXXX/8888).
  16. In 2018 Victornnox issued a special limited and numbered (n/8000) commemorative edition Huntsman in memory of Karl Elsener. The Huntsman had white scales with the signature and a picture of Karl Elsener . The model was presented in a gift box which also contained a 20SF coin. The coin was produced by the Swiss Mint and contained an image of a Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife.
  17. In 2015 the Huntsman was one of the models featured in the Victorinox Ukraine Series.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 19.6mm  (Stag version: 22mm)
  • Weight: 97g  (Stag version: 109g)


  • 1.3713: Red Cellidor (53201)
  • 1.3713.3: Black Cellidor scales (53203)
  • 1.3713.61: Buffalo horn scales
  • 1.3713.94: Camouflage scales
  • 1.3713.941: Desert camouflage scales
  • 1.3713.942: Navy camouflage scales
  • 1.3713.BU: Bubinga wood scales
  • 1.3713.T7: SilverTech scales (54755)
  • 1.3711.66: Archer - Authentic stag-horn scales, no toothpick or tweezers
  • 1.3711.L11: Horseshoe Nail Knife 2011 LE, no toothpick or tweezers
  • 1.3713.TELL: Ruby scales with William Tell on the front (introduced May 2004)
  • 3.3711: Ecoline/Economy line red Cellidor scales; no toothpick or tweezers
  • 3.3713: Ecoline red Nylon scales
  • 3.3713.808: Switzerland Market - Stayglow scales
  • 3.3713.MIKE: Switzerland Market - Red Cellidor with Edelweiss (produced for a department store in Switzerland)
  • 1.1918.J18: 2018 Karl Elsener Limited Edition

US Model Numbers: (in brackets above)

  • 53205: Ruby Cellidor scales
  • 53206: Sapphire Cellidor scales
  • 53217: Digital Camo scales
  • 53261: Huntsman Plus red Celidor.
  • 53221: Red Cellidor, Rainier version with serrated blade
  • 53497: Camo Shadow Grass Cellidor scales
  • 53498: Camo New Breakup Cellidor scales
  • 53713: Hardwood scales, 2011 release

Related Models

  • Fieldmaster - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Deluxe Climber - Replaces the wood saw with pliers
  • Mountaineer - Replaces the wood saw with a metal saw/file
  • Battle of Nafels - A special edition from the Battle Series with the Huntsman toolset
  • Climber - One layer thinner, no saw
  • Camper - One layer thinner, no scissors.
  • Huntsman Lite - Adds an extra layer with LED light and inline Phillips Screwdriver
  • Ranger - One thin layer wider, adds the metal saw, fine screwdriver, and chisel
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