Comparison showing a Hook with the file surface and one without.
Multipurpose Hook Comparison

In 1991 Victorinox started manufacturing the Multipurpose Hook. Since then they have added it to knife models with scissors. The Scissor and Hook share a common spring and are always paired together on 91mm knives. This is a good way to date some knives, as any scissor equipped models without the hook are from before 1991. The Hook is sometimes referred to as the Parcel Carrier, since this in one common use. You might have to be a little inventive to think of using this tool, but it can be a very effective tool. It is rated for use up to 200lbs.

Introduced around 1998, the newest addition to the Multipurpose Hook is an engraved Nail File surface on its back along its spine. See the photo for a comparison. This new addition though only appears on a few models such as the Compact.

Common Uses

  • Carrier/Handle (Parcel, Shopping Bag, Bucket)
  • Puller (Tarp, ))Tent-Peg((, Wire, Racked Computer, tin-opener)
  • Rope/Lace tightener
  • Nail File

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