The Victorinox Hercules is a large 111mm SAK, with a good tool set including 2 in-line Phillips drivers. The Hercules is a 111mm liner-locking Victorinox knife, and, as its name implies, it's big!

It is not the largest 111mm sized knife, but once you hold it you might find that hard to believe. Besides its huge size it also has a very useful tool set, including an interesting arrangement with two in-line Phillips screwdrivers.

The original Hercules model was slide-locking .

Layer Tools

* In the original version:
The main blade was slide-locking; The screwdriver was not locking

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard scratch resistant red synthetic


An earlier version of the Hercules was produced without the long-inline-Phillips screwdriver - similar to the earlier Outrider model
It was also available with dark green scales.


In 2017 Victorinox completely revised their 111mm product line and ceased production of slide-lock models. The Hercules was converted to be liner-locking as part of that change.


  • 0.8543: Liner-lock, Red Nylon scales
  • 0.9043: Slide-lock, Red Nylon scales (54751 - US Model No.)
  • 0.9043.3: Slide-lock, Black Nylon scales

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Height: 30.5mm (max)
  • Width: Liner-lock:- 27mm Slide-lock:- 26.5mm
  • Weight: Liner-lock:- 200g; Slide-lock:- 179g

Related Models

  • Atlas - Removes the scissors and long small Phillips screwdriver
  • Outrider - Removes the pliers and short inline Phillips.
  • Tradesman - Removes the scissors and long small Phillips screwdriver, adds metal saw/file
  • WorkChamp - Adds the metal saw/file and mini-screwdriver
  • WorkChamp XL - Even bigger (the largest 111mm model) - Adds another five layers !!

Victorinox 111mm Liner-lock Model Comparison
Victorinox 111mm Slide-lock Model Comparison

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