Victorinox Helmsman Blue Item no:0.8993.2W The Victorinox Helmsman is a 111mm knife with a locking, partially-serrated blade (other blade styles were also available), and a shackle opener/marlin spike. The handles were an atypical royal blue colour with a ‘nautical’  imprint of a compass rose. This model was specifically designed to help with marine related tasks.

There was a variation with a corkscrew instead of the backspring Phillips.
An earlier version of this model was known as the Mariner.

Discontinued models

Layer Tools

Mariner with corkscrew
Mariner with corkscrew

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Blue Nylon with compass rose print, contains a grey slider lock release button for the main blade.
Red handled variations also available.


The Helmsman has been discontinued for several years (since late 200x? – tbc). Presumably due to overlap in functionality with the Skipper.


Several variations were available for these models.

  1. The Helmsman was available, as standard, with a partially serrated blade, which Victorinox refers to as wavy. The partially serrated blade is serrated approximately ¾ of the length starting at the tip, giving a 60mm serrated edge, and a 19.5mm straight edge.
  2. The Helmsman CS (possibly not official name - CS=corkscrew?) had a 100% serrated blade.
  3. The Mariner was the original name for this model, it had the same tools but red nylon scales without any screen printing. This name was in use alongside the Helmsman, especially outside of North America.
  4. The Mariner was also available with a fully serrated blade (see image below).
  5. A Mariner with a corkscrew on the back, rather than the Phillips screwdriver, was also available. Model number appears to be 53662 (boxed packaging), unknown yet if other variations used the same model number. Some were boxed with model number 50662.

The variations with red handles are reasonably uncommon and prized by collectors.

Mariner with fully serrated blade
Mariner with fully serrated blade

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 17.8mm
  • Weight: 104.7g


  • 0.8993.2W: Standard Helmsman - ¾ wavy blade, blue scales

US Model Numbers:

  • 53664: Helmsman - Partially serrated, blue scales
  • 50662: Helmsman CS fully serrated wavy main blade
  • 53662: Mariner - Red scales, fully serrated, with corkscrew instead of Phillips

Related Models

  • Skipper - Adds the pliers layer with in-line Phillips screwdriver; replaces the backspring Phillips with a corkscrew
  • Skipper Pro - Replaces the shackle opener with the large marlin spike; OHO blade; no Phillips driver
  • Adventurer - Removes the marlin spike; red scales

Victorinox 111mm Slide Lock Model Comparison

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