Wenger Handyman number 16933 The Wenger Handyman is an 85mm Swiss Army Knife with four tool layers, which include the basic tools, plus scissors and a wood saw.

Later known as the Classic 18, and available with the Evolution style scales as the Evolution 18.

An earlier version of this model was known as the 776 - See History.


Layer Tools

Model 1.18.13
Model 1.18.13
SoftTouch 111809
SoftTouch 111809

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red synthetic are standard, but also available in black.


  • The Evolution 18 model features Evolution contoured handles.
  • SoftTouch black scales with large clip-point blade replacing the regular blade.
  • Model 1.18.13 replaces the nail file with a small blade


An older version of this model (1960s) featuring the 'dog-leg' can-opener, scissors with a leaf-spring, non-locking screwdriver and bail, was known as the model 776. The corkscrew version was known as the 736, and a corkscrew version without toothpick and tweezers - the 716.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm


  • 1.18.03: Standard scales
  • 1.18.09: Classic 18 with standard scales
  • 1.18.13: Standard scales, nail file is replaced by a small blade
  • Classic 18 with standard scales (Ed note - Not sure why different number format - Later model no. format?)
  • Tactile - wIth a clip-point main blade and SoftTouch scales. Similar to the Tactile 812

  • 16933: Wenger North American model number

Related Models

  • Evolution 18 - Same tools with Evolution scales
  • Forester - A corkscrew replaces the Phillips
  • Safari - A small blade replaces the nail-file, adds a locking main blade



  • Fieldmaster - A similar Victorinox version of this model
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