Wenger Handyman number 16933 The Wenger Handyman is an 85mm Swiss Army Knife with four tool layers, which includes all the basic tools, scissors and a wood saw.

Also known later as the Classic 18, and available with the Evolution style scales as the Evo 18.

An earlier version of this model was known as the 776 (-see History).

Layer Tools

Model 1.18.13
Model 1.18.13
SoftTouch 111809
SoftTouch 111809

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red synthetic is standard, but also available in black.


  1. EVO 18 model features Evolution contoured handles.
  2. SoftTouch black scales with large clip-point blade replacing the regular blade.
  3. Model 1.18.13 replaces the nail file with a small blade


An older version (1960s) of this model featuring the 'dog-leg' can-opener; scissors with a leaf-spring; non-locking screwdriver; and bail was known as the model 776; with a corkscrew version known as the 736; and a corkscrew version without toothpick and tweezers: The 716.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width:
  • Weight:


  • 1.18.03: Standard scales
  • 1.18.09: Classic 18 with standard scales
  • 1.18.13: Standard scales, nail file is replaced by a small blade
  • Classic 18 with standard scales (Ed note - Not sure why different number format)
  • 1.11809: Tactile - WIth a clip-point main blade and SoftTouch scales. Similar to the Tactile 812

  • 16933: Wenger North American model number

Related Knives 

  • EVO 18 - Same tools with EVO scales
  • Forester - A corkscrew replaces the Phillips
  • Safari - A small blade replaces the nail file, adds locking main blade


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