Grafter with Red Scales The Grafter is a 100mm red eco-scaled Swiss Army knife with a sheepsfoot blade, and a special double-edged grafting blade.
The Grafter is a member of the Victorinox Gardening Tools series which also includes the Gardener, Pruner and Harvester (shears).

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Red Nylon (Eco) scales, are most common, but it is also available with black Nylon scales.


Victorinox has a few different grafting knives that do not appear to have unique names, but have different styles of grafting blades. These models are available with red or black scales, and may have brass liners.


These model numbers are for various different grafting knife configurations

  • 1.9010: Single layer, with a single modified clip-point grafting blade; brass liners; black nylon scales
  • 1.9113: Three layers; brass budding blade; modified clip-point blade; wharncliffe blade

US Model Number:

  • 53561: Sheeppsfoot blade; grafting blade (as image above)

Related Models

  • Gardener - Contains only the sheepsfoot blade
  • Pruner - Has a pruner blade instead of the sheepsfoot blade

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