A 58mm Victorinox Golfer with separate Golf Ball Marker. The Golfer is a 58mm Victorinox model made for golfers with a divot tool, pen and separately supplied ball-marker.


Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Other Tools

  • Ball Marker - A separate disc with the Victorinox shield


Red Cellidor was standard. Other colors were available. Many versions were imprinted with golf course or tournament names and logos.


This model is thought to have been the pre-cursor to the Caddy.


  • 0.6245

Related Models

  • Caddy - Features the same toolset, but with no ball-marker
  • Golfer 91mm - A 91mm golfing tool similar to the Compact, later models featured a divot tool
  • GolfTool - A golf specific Victorinox model with a unique frame, and unique tools

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