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Victorinox GolTool The Victorinox Golf Tool is a special purpose multi-tool designed for Golfers that does not really fit into any regular category of Swiss Army Knife. This knife features a Retractable Divot Repair Tool, a small pen blade, scissors, and a unique Combo Tool that functions as a Tee Punch, Groove Cleaner, nail file and bottle opener. The Golf Tool also includes the ever present toothpick and tweezers, as well as a Removable Ball Marker

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The Golf Tool handle is made of Nylon and is available in red, black, ruby and sapphire colored scales..

Physical Specifications

  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Weight:



The Golf Tool was first introduced into the Victorinox lineup in 1999. This special tool was apparently conceived and designed by a Victorinox employee who enjoyed golfing.


  • 53918 US Model: Red handles
  • 53920 US Model: Black handles
  • 53962 US Model: Ruby handles
  • 53963 US Model: Sapphire handles

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