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This is the plain red scaled version of the Wenger Golf Pro model 16829 The Wenger Golf Pro is a Swiss Army Knife for the golfing enthusiast, featuring a divot repair tool, golf club cleaner and a golf shoe spike wrench.

A later version of this model was known as the Evolution 56 Golfer.

Discontinued model.

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The standard model has red synthetic scales, with a crossed golf club design, screen printed onto the front scale. Also available in green, blue, black, and possibly other colors.
A luxury model with stainless steel scales was also available.

Physical Specifications

Golf Pro with Golfer Image
Golf Pro with Golfer Image
  • Length: 84mm


  • 1.56.43: Red synthetic scales with a golfer image
  • 1.56.42: Red synthetic scales with a golfer image, without keyring/keychain
  • Evolution Golfer 56 with a (diffrent) golfer image

US Model Numbers

  • 16829: Red synthetic scales
  • 16129: Green synthetic scales
  • 16629: Stainless steel

Related Models

  • Executive Golf Pro - A 63mm golfer's model with a divot tool
  • 19th Hole Cigar Cutter - A very similar model adding the cigar cutter
  • Deluxe Golf Pro - Adds a snap-shackle and a Phillips screwdriver
  • Golfer - Adds the standard openers layer and the reamer; replaces the combo tool with a nail file and the club-face cleaner with a Phillips screwdriver


  • Golfer - A 91mm model with a divot repair tool
  • Golf Tool - A custom designed golfing tool

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