Giant Knife

Wenger's Every Implement Tool Wenger's Giant Knife is a great show piece for a cutler or collector. The Knife, which is far too large to be practical, contains nearly every tool ever created by Wenger. The extremely large size transforms it into a display piece rather than a pocket knife, but you might fit it in a small backpack. It's reported the knife blades on this model are not even sharpened, which is likely a good safety feature during handling or demonstrating this large knife. The knife is supplied with it's own display case and certificate of authenticity.

Discontinued model.

Bladed tools

Straight from Wenger site: 10 mm detachable hexagonal wrench - Screwdriver - Spoke key (3.3 mm and 3.5 mm) openings - Extension lever, All-purpose wrench (exclusivity), Bit holder, Blade with blunt point, Can Opener, Watch Case Opener, Chain Rivet Setter, Cigar Cutter, Club Face Cleaner, Screwdriver with safety lock system - Can opener - Cap Lifter,
Corkscrew, Curved hexagonal key, Detachable Marker, Fish Scaler - Fish disgorger - Line guide - Flat Phillips Screwdriver - Flat Pliers, Flat screwdriver 3.5 mm with safety lock system (exclusivity), Flat screwdriver with safety lock system - Cap lifter - Wire bender - Graduated tread depth gauge (mm/inch) uses detachable sliding bit holder, Green Repair Tool - Integrated holder, Integrated swiveling compass with sight line (exclusivity) - Ruler cm + inch (exclusivity), Junior round blade, Large Knife Blade - Laser pointer, Magnifying Glass - Precision screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver - Cap Lifter - Wire Bender - Metal File - Metal Cutting Saw - Nail Clipper - Nail File - Nail Cleaner - Screwdriver for small cross head screws, Needle nose pliers / Wire-cutter / Nut wrench, Phillips screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver with safety Pack Lock system - Reamer with Sewing Eye - Reamer - Needle - Cuticle pen, Safety lock system (patented), Semi-round-nose pliers - Wire-cutter - Nut wrench, Serrated-edge scissors and lever (patented exclusivity), Shackle opener - Marlin spike - Ruler inch/cm - Needle, Shoe Spike Wrench - Slip Joint Pliers - Wire crimper - Inside and outside wire cutters - Nut Wrench - Small Knife Blade 65 mm, Small screwdriver, Carabiner Clip/Snap Shackle, Special blade, Spot light, Stroke Counter with 12 graduations, Wood Saw.

  1. Integrated swiveling compass with sight line (exclusive) / ruler cm + inch (exclusive)
  2. 2 x Key ring
  3. Toothpick
  4. Tweezers
  5. Screwing bit 1.0 x 6.5mm
  6. Screwing bit PH 1
  7. Nail Clipper
  8. Blade with Scout mark
  9. Large Blade
  10. Nail file / nail cleaner / screwdriver for small cross head screws
  11. Corkscrew
  12. Flat screwdriver with safety lock system / cap lifter / wire
  13. Flat Phillips screwdriver
  14. Can opener
  15. Reamer
  16. Woodsaw
  17. Graduated Saw
  18. Metal file / metal cutting saw
  19. Fish scaler / fish disgorger / line guide
  20. Magnigying glass / precision screwdriver
  21. Phillips screwdriver with safety lock system
  22. Flat Phillips screwdriver
  23. All-purpose wrench (exclusive)
  24. Small blade
  25. 3 x Bit holder
  26. Semi-round-nose pliers and outside wire-cutters
  27. Combination pliers
  28. Serrated-edge scissors and lever (exclusive patent)
  29. Multipurpose pliers (exclusive) / tag clamp / inside
  30. Multifunctions detachable tool
  31. Junior blade
  32. Laser pointer
  33. Diode light
  34. Integrated holder
  35. 2 x Integrated pocketgrip holder with screwing bits
  36. 10mm detachable hexagonal wrench / screwdriver / spoke key (3.3mm & 3.5mm) openings / extension # lever
  37. Chain rivet setter / detachable (5mm) curved hexagonal male key
  38. Blade for case opener
  39. Round needle file
  40. Graduated rule / magnifying glass / spring bars tool
  41. Toolbox
  42. Reamer
  43. Pin-punch bit 0.8
  44. Pin-punch bit 1.2
  45. Fine fork for spring bars tool
  46. Screwdriver blade 0.8
  47. Screwdriver blade 1.2
  48. Round needle file
  49. Phillips screwdriver bit 1.5
  50. Tool holder minathor
  51. Bevelled blade
  52. Cigar cutter (patented)
  53. Combination tool
  54. Hexagonal key
  55. Curved key bender
  56. Detachable 10mm hexagonal key
  57. Military knife blade
  58. Special Military screwdriver
  59. Fix screwdriver
  60. Reamer for gun
  61. Screwdriver for gun
  62. Stud key golfer
  63. Golf reamer
  64. Snap hook
  65. Green repairer
  66. Graduated tread depth gauge (mm/inch) detachable sliding bit holder
  67. Detachable sliding bit holder
  68. Blade for grafting knife
  69. Blade for grafting knife
  70. Blade for grafting knife
  71. Blade for grafting knife
  72. Blade for grafting knife
  73. Retractor blade for grafting knives
  74. Small blade
  75. Scissors
  76. Nail file / nail cleaner / screwdriver for small cross head screws
  77. Green repairer
  78. Screwdriver / can opener / cap lifter
  79. Screwdriver
  80. Reamer
  81. Blade
  82. Combined tool: screwdriver / can opener / cap lifter
  83. ½ serrated blade

Non-Bladed tools

  1. toothpick
  2. tweezers


The Giant Knife comes in red plastic scales.


There are tool variations in this knife, but clear documentation on them is scarce. Each year a new Wenger Giant Collector's Knife is produced to include all the implements that were used in all the different knives sold that specific year.


The Wenger Giant Knife has been around for some time as an oddity to attract attention for dealers and at trade shows, but only became available for purchase around early 2007.

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