A Wenger 85mm Basic 11.  Photo by NORTHMAN The Wenger Forester is an 85mm knife with four tool layers, very similar to the Handyman model, replacing the Phillips screwdriver with a corkscrew.
This model was also known, without toothpick and tweezers, as the Basic 09, and was later known as the Classic 17 in some markets.
The Security/Sécurité 17 features a locking blade.

Layer Tools

Locking, World Scout Edition
Locking, World Scout Edition

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Synthetic is standard.


  1. Left-handed version.
  2. No keyring version.
  3. Locking blade version. This version was also available in a World Scout edition.
  4. The Buck Knives Remedy is a member of the Swiss Buck line of knives that were manufactured by Wenger.
  5. The Tactile 812 is a version of the Wenger Forester with soft, black neoprene handles and a clip-point main blade. It appeared in the 2005 Wenger catalog, however this model may have gone into production as the Handyman version with the Phillips driver, as this was later made with the same name and identifier!
  6. The Basic 09 is part of an economic line of knives, sold at a cheaper price, and usually features the Wenger shield printed (not embedded) on the front scale. This knife could have also been referred as the Basic 11, however, the official use of this name is not confirmed.
  7. The Security 17 features standard red scales and a locking main blade.
  8. BYE BYE, WENGER! was a special limited edition of only seventy models created at the request of the club: Fans du Couteau Suisse commemorating Wenger's last year making Swiss Army Knives. This forest green scaled model features the Wenger logo, FCS logo and the year2013 on the top scale. The blade of the knife is etched with BYE BYE, WENGER! n/70, where n is the production number of the individual knife. Each knife includes a matching serialized certificate, and semi-custom box packaging that features FCS "Bye Bye, Wenger!" labeling on the top of the slip-cover for the box. Manufactured in December 2013, Wenger refers to this knife as a Classic 17 model.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width:
  • Weight:


  • 1.09.01: Basic 09 - No toothpick or tweezers
  • 1.17.911.00: World Scout Edition w/locking blade.
  • 1.17.09: Classic 17
  • Classic 17
  • 1.17.03: Standard version
  • 1.17.53: Standard version with locking blade
  • 1.17.59: Standard version with locking blade listed as Security 17
  • 1.117.09812: Tactile 812
  • AF. FCS Classic 17 "Bye Bye, Wenger!" Limited Edition

  • 16239 Wenger North American product code - Standard version

Related Knives 

  • EVO S17 - Locking blade and Evo scales
  • Handyman - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Junior 03 - Locking rounded main blade and either Classic or Evo scales



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