Expedition Lite

Victorinox Expedition Lite. Picture by jazzbass. The Victorinox Expedition Lite is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife first introduced in 2008.
It is an ugrade to the Traveller Lite, adding the wood saw, metal file/saw, backspring chisel and fine screwdriver. This model is impressive for the large number of 'bladed' tools it includes, its flashlight, and the extensive set of electronic capablities in the scales.

It is usually sold as part of the Expedition Kit (see details below).
Note: Not to be confused with the older Expedition Kit  that included the Altimeter/Altimeter Plus, or other models.

Discontinued (2022?)

Layer Tools

The Expedition Kit package
The Expedition Kit package

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

For instructions on using the digital functions - See the Traveller page.

Expedition Kit Tools

When supplied as the Expedition Kit - This package also includes:

  • A leather pouch
  • A sharpening stone
  • The Compass Tool which includes
    • Compass
    • Ruler in cm and inches
    • Spirit Level
    • Thermometer in ºF and ºC
    • Magnifying glass


Translucent red textured scales with a digital display.
The Swiss sheild/logo is red and white and serves as a push-button switch to control the digital functions.


Introduced in 2008, but initially not imported into the North American markets.
As of 2019 this model is only available via the Expedition Kit set, (see Tools above) which includes the very useful multi-function Compass Tool and sharpening stone (which are also available via the larger SwissChamp SOS kit).

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 30.3mm
  • Weight: 143g


  • 1.7965.AVT - Translucent red textured scales
  • 1.8741 AVT - Expedition Kit AVT (41 functions)

Related Models

  • Traveller Lite - Omits the wood and metal saws and back-spring tools
  • Altimeter Plus - No light/inline SD; no metal saw; no timer functions; or extra back-spring tools
  • Mountaineer Lite - Omits the wood saw, chisel and electronic functions in scales
  • Huntsman Lite - Omits the metal file/saw, chisel and electronic functions in scales
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