Victorinox Excelsior with silver Hot-Stamped Shield logo. The Excelsior was a fairly uncommon Victorinox model, however since 2020 is the only available model in the slim 84mm category.
See Variations and History below. It is very similar to the Pocket Pal, but includes a keyring.

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Victorinox Excelsior with silver Hot-Stamped Shield logo.


The Excelsior comes in standard red Cellidor, or smooth Alox, scales.
There was an older variation with silver ribbed (checkered) Alox scales, and no keyring.


It looks like the name Excelsior was used for a couple of different models.
A catalog places the silver textured Alox model from the late '70s to the early '80s - (needs verification).
SAKWIKI initially had this identified as a 'fairly uncommon knife' (see above). However this model/name with keyring and Cellidor scales was resurrected, as it appears in the 2017 catalogue - probably replacing one of the other 84mm slim models, such as the Pocket Pal. It is also available with a couple of options (single blade, smooth alox scales).


  1. There was an earlier silver textured Alox model that had no keyring.
  2. A recent (2020?) variation with smooth Alox scales, dual blade, with keyring.
  3. A variation (2020?) with Cellidor scales, a single blade and no keyring is known as the Excelsior One Blade.
  4. A limited series of Excelsiors with smooth alox scales in red, blue, dark green and black was available from https://knives-shop.at (2020). These feature a KNIVES etching on the main blade.

Physical Specifications

Checkered Textured Alox Excelsior
Checkered Textured Alox Excelsior
  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 5.38mm - Checkered Alox
  • Weight: 21.8g - Checkered Alox


  • 0.6901: Cellidor version with keyring (dual blades)
  • 0.6901.16: Smooth Alox version
  • 0.6910: Excelsior One Blade, no keyring
  • 0.6900.27: Older ribbed Alox version, no keyring

Related Models

  • Pocket Pal - Same as the Cellidor model; but does not include the keyring
  • Secretary - Smooth Alox scales; no keyring
  • Popular - Red checkered Alox scales; includes the keyring
  • Sentry - Same shape and design: but only has a single large blade; also known as the 'Junior'

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