Evo Hunter 505

The Wenger EvoHunter 505 (1.505.59.300),  was initially made for the Czech Republic. The Wenger Evo Hunter 505 (also known as the EvoHunter 505) is a medium sized 85mm 4-layer model with a small serrated hunter's skinning blade that is unique to this model.
The blade looks very similar to the Victorinox blade for the same purpose from their 111 line. It's possible this blade was adapted to the Wenger knife for this special edition.

The 505 was also available with AP Blaze and Snow scale types.

This model had limited production. See History for more details.

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Red Cellidor. Also available in the beautiful AP Blaze and Snow scale types



Likely first manufactured in the last quarter of 2009, and they were seen in the Czech Republic in January 2010.

From Wenger; Translation from Italian: This knife was produced in only 500 pieces. Initially, the knife was produced for the Czech Republic (300 units). Then an 200 additional units were produced, which were sold in different countries: Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong and Venezuela.

The above information may refer only to the initial production with standard red scales, as in 2013 the same knife was offered with AP Blaze and AP Snow camo scales.
It is not known if an additional run of knives was produced to equip the models with the AP Blaze and AP Snow camo scales.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 22mm
  • Weight: 86.5g


  • 1.505.59.300 Wenger AN: red Evo Cellidor scales
  • 1.505.59.804 Wenger AN: AP Blaze Cellidor scales
  • 1.505.59.806 Wenger AN: AP Snow Cellidor scales

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