Equestrian The Equestrian is a 111mm liner-locking Victorinox Swiss Army Knife designed for the horse rider and featuring a unique hoof cleaner tool.

The original version of this model was slide-locking.

Layer Tools

The original model had a slide-locking main blade.

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red synthetic scales with a screen-printed image of a horseshoe with a horse’s head on the front handle.


In 2017 Victorinox completely revised their 111mm product line and ceased production of slide-lock models. The Equestrian was converted to be liner-locking as part of that change.


  • 0.8583 - Victorinox AN: Liner-locking
  • 0.8883 - Victorinox AN: Slide-locking
  • 53611 - US Model Number: Slide-locking

Related Models

  • Forester - Hoof cleaner and combo tool replaced with standard opener layer
  • Hunter - Replaces hoof cleaner with a gutting blade

Victorinox 111mm Slide-lock Model Comparison – Original versions
Victorinox 111mm Liner--lock Model Comparison – Original versions

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