Electrician 84mm

This is a red cellidor handled 84mm Electrician model. This Electrician model is an 84mm Swiss army knife made for the RadioShack company.
It is a relatively uncommon model, as the standard/common model featuring the electrician's blade is 93mm with Alox handles.

Discontinued and collectible!

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Standard red Cellidor scales


This model was made exclusively for the electrical components company RadioShack and sold in their Promark or RadioShack stores. They were packaged and distributed for Radio Shack in a clam shell package with Promark and/or Radio Shack branding.

84mm Electrician
Radio Shack Packaging

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 11.2mm
  • Weight: 37.6g


  • 57921 - US Model Number

Related Models

  • Apprentice - A Combo Tool replaces the electrician's blade
  • Electrician - A 93mm Alox scaled version adding the awl/reamer and bottle-opener
  • Electrician Plus - A 93mm Alox scaled version adding a wood saw to the standard 93mm model

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