EVO 18

Wenger Evolution 18 - Red The Wenger EVO 18 model is 85mm with four tool layers and ergonomic handles. The tools are the same as the older Wenger Handyman model. The relatively large tool selection in this medium sized knife has made this a popular model for urban and outdoor environments.

This model is also available with a locking main blade on the Evo/EvoGrip S18 model, and the special Scout S18.

A Junior Series version features the locking main-blade with a rounded tip.

Discontinued but still available as a Victorinox Delémont.

Layer Tools

EvoGrip 18 in Yellow
EvoGrip 18 in Yellow

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Evolution contoured scales, typically in the standard red colour, but several special models have been made with various different colours.
Grip scale versions available and the EvoWood version features Swiss Walnut scales.


Introduced in 2006, the EVOGrip version was introduced 2007, and the EvoWood version in 2010.


  1. The EVO S18 has a locking main blade.
  2. The EVOGrip 18 has black rubber grip pads installed on the scales.
  3. The Scout S18 features special scales for the World Scouts Association.
  4. The EvoGrip S18 has yellow 'grip' scales.
  5. In 2009 the EvoGrip S18 Patagonian Expedition Race Knife was introduced with yellow scales, and special laser cut logo on the rubber grips (91g, 22mm).
  6. In 2010 the EvoWood 18 was introduced with new Swiss Walnut scales. This knife was chosen by SOSAK as their annual knife, and a small number of them were produced with the SOSAK logo and the year 2010 imprinted on the top scale.
  7. The Junior 06 features the rounded-tip blade of the Junior Series, with a lock, and yellow EvoGrip scales. Introduced in 2013 in Germany, it may not be available in other markets.
Scout S18 with Locking Blade
Scout S18 with Locking Blade

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm / 3.25"
  • Width: EvoGrip: 22mm;  EvoWood 18: 20.5 - 22.7mm
  • Weight: 3.1 ounces;  Evo 18:  90g;  EvoWood 18: 87.5g


  • Evolution 18, red scales (16961)
  • EvoGrip S18 Patagonian Expedition Race Knife, yellow scales (16801)
  • S18 World Scout Edition, violet scales

US Model Numbers: (in brackets above)

  • 15639311: Junior 06 - Yellow EvoGrip scales (German model number)

Related Models

  • Handyman - Has the same tools, but with regular scales
  • Evo/EvoGrip S17 - A corkscrew replaces the Phillips screwdriver


  • Fieldmaster - A 91mm Victorinox model with similar tools
  • Artisan - An 84mm Victorinox model with similar tools

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