EVO 17

Locking blade model The Wenger EVO 17 features ergonomic scales and a good general set of tools in a four layer configuration. Including both a woodsaw and scissors, it's suitable for both urban and outdoor environments.
The Wenger EVO S17 version also includes a locking main blade for extra safety.
Other scale and blade options available - See variations.

Layer Tools

'Mike Horn' Evolution 17 - See Variations
'Mike Horn' Evolution 17 - See Variations

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Evolution contoured ergonomic scales, in Cellidor or Wood.


  1. The Mike Horn Souvenir Evolution 17 was introduced in 2011. It features butterscotch colored handles of a special composite material first introduced on the Mike Horn 130mm Ranger, the main blade is non-locking. This model is sold at a premium (even more than the locking version), with an initial North American 2011 List Price of $72.95 US (the list-price seems to have decreased a bit as of mid-2011). The higher price may be due to the special nature of the scales, but is likely more related to the royalty paid.
  2. EvoWood 17 non-locking blade, ergonomic Swiss Walnut scales.
  3. A Junior Blade version (rounded blade tip) was introduced in 2012 in connection with the movie "Dolphin Tale", which was released in Germany as "Mein Freund der Delfin" (My Friend the Dolphin). This model is also known as the Junior 03.
  4. The Soft-Touch or Tactile version features softer non-slip black scales, and the main blade is changed to a clip-point design.


Introduced in 2007.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm (nominal frame size)
  • Width: 22mm (S version)
  • Weight: 88.9g (S version)


  • 16327 Wenger NA: Evo 17 Mike Horn Souvenir Edition (no locking blade)
  • 16818 Wenger NA:
  • Wenger AN: EvoWood 17
  • Wenger AN: EvoGrip S17, Red scales
  • 15639316 Wenger AN: Junior 03C "Mein Freund der Delfin" Special Edition.

Related Knives 

  • EVO 18 - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Forester - Non locking blade, regular, non Evo, scales
  • Handyman - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver, non-EVO scales
  • Junior 03 - Locking version with a blunt tip main blade


  • Huntsman - A similar model from Victorinox
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