A Red Alox Duchess in very good condition. Old Model Number: 633 r+ The Duchess is a rare 58mm Victorinox model with a unique design. The handles, or scales, are what collectors call a dogbone shape. The logo is also different, featuring a white Swiss Cross in a circle that is centered on the top scale. The reverse side of the blade has deep Victoria tang stamp with a crossbow in the center.
The unique shape of these handles was apparently developed for those unable to open a standard pocket knife with their fingernails. This shape allows the tools to be pinched and pulled open.


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Red Alox with a white cross inside of a circle printed on the handle. The knife in the top panel has a silver cross/circle, even though it looks white, it may not be printed, but could be generated by mask during anodizing.
Silver Alox, and a stainless steel versions also exist.


  • Silver Alox-scaled model
  • Available with, and without, a keyring
  • Machine turned, and smooth, stainless steel scales


The Duchess is probably one of the earliest known Alox-handled models. All of these knives are tang stamped with the Victoria mark on the back of the main blade. This model evolved into the standard-shaped, Alox-handled Companion.


  • 633 r+
  • 633 Ust

Both model numbers are in the older Victorinox model number format

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