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A member of the 2010 Victorinox Grip Series, the DualPro-X is a North American variation of the DualPro. The Victorinox Dual Pro is a three-layer 111mm model that was first introduced in 2010. It has one standard, partially-serrated, one-handed-opening (OHO) main blade and introduced a new fully-serrated safety blade, that is also liner-locking and OHO. As both blades and  the cap-lifter are liner-locking, that gives three locking tools!

The Dual Pro X model (pictured right) was announced a few months after the Dual Pro, and features a plain-edged, rather than partially-serrated main blade, and a Phillips screwdriver instead of the corkscrew.

The 2010 Dutch Army Knife (DAK) has a nearly identical tool configuration, differing from the Dual Pro only in the substitution of the Phillips screwdriver for the corkscrew; and the scales (handles), which are not dual-density and plain olive green in colour.

The Dual Pros were withdrawn in 2017

Layer Tools

Dual Pro
Dual Pro

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Models with dual-density scales do not contain the typical toothpick and tweezer tools.


The Grip Series introduced new dual-density, injection-molded scales, that provide a softer textured feel, and better grip. These scales are red and black coloured versions of the scales first introduced with the 2008 Soldier model, that use Polyamide 6, with TPE-U for the softer (red) material.
The DAK has standard, khaki, non-dual density scales.


  1. Two models of the Dual Pro were available:
    • The Dual Pro with the corkscrew and partially serrated blade and
    • The Dual Pro X with the Phillips screwdriver and a plain-edged blade
  2. The DAK-2010 has a Dual Pro toolset; olive-green regular Nylon scales, with an embossed Dutch logo; with a Phillips screwdriver on the backspring (see image below).

See the Tools section for the full tool configuration of all models.


Information about the DAK was released early in 2010 - It was the first Victorinox model to feature two OHO blades.
The Dual Pros were introduced later that year as part of the Grip Series, which comprised the Dual Pros and the Forester and Nomad models with the new red and black dual-density scales.
The Dual Pros appear to be withdrawn as of 2017, the Dual Pro X possibly earlier (2013).

Dutch Army Knife (aka DAK)
Dutch Army Knife (aka DAK)

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 18.9mm
  • Weight: 155g – Dual Pro
  • Weight: 157g – Dual Pro X


  • 0.8371.MWC: Dual Pro - Partially serrated main-blade; red/black scales (US model no: 54836)

  • 54839: Dual Pro X: Red/black scales; plain-edged main blade (US model number)
    • Victorinox number could be 0.8471.MC (4=Phillips, M=OHO, C=Dual density scales)
  • 5110-17-106-2332 - NATO stock number for the 2010 DAK (ZAKMES / MES, ZAK)

Related Models

  • Hunter XT - Adds a wood saw; straight-edge v-grind main-blade; removes the openers layer; Phillips on the back
  • OH Parachutist - Replaces the OH rescue blade with an older non-OH version; Phillips on back
  • Forester - Replaces the OH belt-cutter with a wood saw
  • OH Fireman - Replaces the OH belt-cutter with the regular belt-cutter; adds a wood saw, toothpick and tweezers; corkscrew on the back
  • Parachute Knife - A single-layer model with the same serrated emergency blade; only a Phillips on the back

Victorinox 111mm Liner-lock model comparison

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