Wenger Diplomat with translucent scales. Picture by enki_ck. The Wenger Diplomat was a two-layer 85mm Swiss Army Knife with no back-tools. This light weight model has just the essentials, foregoing even the classic bottle and can-openers, not to mention the screwdriver.
This slim travel companion is comfortable to use, because of the smooth spine that exists due to the exclusion of any backside tools. The larger blade and scissors make it easier for some people to use compared to the smaller 65mm models.
Tweezers were included, but the toothpick is excluded, even though it takes up very little space!


Name disambiguation:
It should not be confused with the 85mm models 1.58.00 and 1.59.00 from the Wenger Dynasty Series were sold as Diplomats in Europe.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red synthetic scales are standard but was also available with red translucent scales.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 13.6mm
  • Weight: 52.75g


  • 16149: Red Cellidor scales (US Model Code)

Related Models


  • Ambassador - A similar Victorinox model, but smaller
  • Compact - Similar two-layer model, but with back tools
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