Victorinox CyberTool 34 The Victorinox Cybertool family are more recent 91mm Swiss Army Knives first introduced in the year 2000. There are four models in the family. The base model is the Cybertool M (originally 34). This model is described in the Tools sections below. The Cybertool S (29), Cybertool L (41) and Cybertool Lite are all described in the Models section below.

The unique feature of the Cybertools is the bit driver which comes with four interchangeable bits, each with two heads. Many of the bits are designed for screw types and sizes commonly found in electronic and computer equipment, making these models especially useful for people who regularly work with this type of equipment.
When closed, one bit is stored in the driver itself while the other three are housed in a special 'rack' that fits below the driver. The rack has a small protrusion on the end that prevents the bit in the driver from falling out.
All models have 'Plus' Scales, that include a removable pen.
CyberTool 34
CyberTool 34

Layer Tools

CyberTool 34
CyberTool 34
CyberTool Models
CyberTool Models

For the Cybertool M (34)
All Cybertool models contain this basic toolset (layers and scales), apart from the CT S where indicated *

Back Layer Tools 

Scale Tools


The Cybertools have translucent red (ruby) Cellidor scales.
The CT M is also available with translucent blue (sapphire) scales.
In the past, the CT-29 and CT-41 were also available with sapphire scales, and the CT-29 and CT-34 were available with translucent onyx scales.

Models and Toolsets

There are four models of the CyberTool.
Note: The numeric after 'Cybertool' in the original model names was meant to indicate the number of functions of that particular model.
However this claim can be somewhat contentious (eg Is the keyring really a function?!), so it is not surprising that Victorinox moved to the S,M,L designation.

CyberTool S

Originally known as the Cybertool 29, the three layered Cybertool S is the slimmest and lightest model.
It removes the scissors, pliers, and multi-purpose hook from the CT M.

Width: 21mm
Weight: 96.1g

CyberTool M

This is the most common (considered the base) model, originally known as the Cybertool 34, it has five layers. The tool-set is described above.

Width: 28mm
Weight: 153.7g

CyberTool L

Originally known as the Cybertool 41, the seven layered Cybertool L contains all the tools of the Cybertool M, adding the following additional tools:

On the back:

Width: 33mm
Weight: 188g

CyberTool Lite

The six layered Lite Model extends the Cybertool M with one additional tool layer containing the following tools:

Width: 33.5mm
Weight: 173.9g


  1. The Beretta Pistol Tool, branded as Victorinox for Beretta, is a special Cybertool 34 made for the Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta. It was packaged in a custom hard-plastic velvet lined case with a custom manual, belt-pouch, and cleaning solvent.
    The knife features a custom bit set, for use with Beretta hand guns, and was manufactured with solid color Cellidor scales in blue and black that feature a metal Beretta logo inlay on the top scale and 'Victorinox for Beretta' printed on the bottom scale.
    The bit-set includes the following bits: (i) Hex 2 / 3 mm; (ii) Slotted 3 / 4 x 1mm; (iii) Hex 4mm / Torx T8; (iv) Slotted 4.5 x 0.4 mm / 4.5 x 0.7 mm.
    This model was only available in parts of Europe and Japan.
  2. The 125th Anniversary limited edition Cybertool 34 was released in 2009 as part of the Jubilee Series that marked Victorinox's 125th Anniversary. The Jubilee Edition has non-translucent red Cellidor scales with a special anniversary logo printing, as well as a second anniversary logo etched on the main blade, and a serial number stamped on the liner behind the corkscrew.


The CyberTools were first introduced in the year 2000, and might very well be considered the 21st century Swiss Army Knives. The models were originally known as the CyberTools 29, 34, 41 and Lite. In 2015 Victorinox renamed the CyberTools 29, 34 and 41 to be the CyberTools S, M and L respectively.

In 2009 Victorinox released a limited edition Cybertool 34 as part of it's Jubilee Series that marked its 125th Anniversary (see Variations).

In 2011 it appeared that the CyberTool 41 was discontinued, at least in North America, possibly due to a new model being under development. Continued 2011 availability in Europe is most likely from existing stock, or based on sales with the current market pricing. However this withdrawal never transpired.


Number in brackets (#5xxxx) is the US Model Number

  • 1.7605.T: CT-S (29) Ruby red translucent scales (#54919)
  • 1.7725.T: CT-M (34) Ruby red translucent scales (#53919)
  • 1.7725.T2: CT-M (34) Sapphire blue translucent scales (#53942)
  • 1.7775.T: CT-L (41) Ruby red translucent scales (#53938)
  • 1.7925.T: CT-Lite ruby red translucent scales
  • 1.7725.J09: CT-34 125th Anniversary Edition, special scales and serial number (#54509)

US Model Numbers:

  • 54926: CT-29 Translucent onyx
  • 54939: CT-29 Translucent sapphire
  • 53926: CT-34 Translucent onyx
  • 53943: CT-41 Translucent sapphire

Related Knives

The unique bit-driver tool means that there are not many models that are similar to the CyberTools. However the bit-driver is available on a few of the larger Swiss Army Knives.

Models including the bit-driver:

Non bit-driver models:

  • Spartan - Cybertool 29 without the bit-driver, plus scales and mini-screwdriver
  • Deluxe Climber - Cybertool 34 without the bit-driver, plus scales and mini-screwdriver
  • Handyman - Cybertool 41 without the bit-driver, plus scales and mini-screwdriver
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