Victorinox 58mm Companion, Red Alox with keyring. The Companion was a common 58mm Victorinox knife, having the same tools as the Classic and metal scales like the Alox Classic .
The difference between the models is the scales: The Companion having very thin, smooth Alox scales, while the Alox Classic has thicker scales that are textured.

There was also a Companion SD version, which, like the Alox Classic SD, has a screwdriver-tip on the nail file rather than the nail-cleaner tip


Layer Tools


The Companion has smooth Alox scales, and no scale tools due to the thickness of the scales.
The scales were available in many colours, eg red, blue, green, black and silver. See Identifiers section below.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 5.6mm
  • Weight: 16.2g (no keyring version)


  • Earlier versions of the Companion were available with and without the Keyring.
  • The Companion-SD version has the Nail File with the screwdriver, rather than the nail-cleaner tip.


The Companion was available from the 1970s in its many colours.
It is quite collectable due to the attractive colour variations, which were not always available.
An earlier version of this knife, with the older style scissors and nailfile, was known as the Executive.
It is a discontinued model.


  • 0.6200.10 Victorinox: original Companion Red Alox no-keyring
  • 53751 US Model - Red Alox, no keyring   Note: model number was accidentally reused later for a different knife.
  • 53752 US Model - Red Alox, keyring
  • 53758 US Model - Silver Alox, keyring
  • 53758 US Model - Silver Alox, no keyring
  • 54117 US Model - Companion-SD Red Alox
  • 54217 US Model - Companion-SD Black Alox
  • 54317 US Model - Companion-SD Blue Alox
  • 54417 US Model - Companion-SD Light Green Alox
  • 54517 US Model - Companion-SD Silver Alox

These numbers come from A Collector's Guide to 58mm Small Size Pocket Knives by Daniel J. Jacquart.

  • 0.6201.2 - Blue Alox
  • 0.6201.4 - Green Alox
  • 0.6201.7 - White Alox
  • 0.6201.13 - Black Alox
  • 0.6201.30 - Matte Polished Steel
  • 0.6201.80 - Gold Plated Steel

Related Knives

  • Alox Classic SD - Same tool set with ribbed Alox scales
  • Broker - Same tool set with Stainless Steel scales
  • Classic - Cellidor Scales - Same tool set, but adds the toothpick and tweezers in the scales
  • Duchess - A vintage Alox scaled model, with the same toolset and scale material, but having the 'dog-bone' shape
  • Pocket Pal - Removes scissors, no SD variation, same smooth Alox scales
  • Executive - Same scales and toolset, but older versions of the tools
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