Climber 84mm

84mm Climber The Victorinox 84mm Climber (Climber small) is a three-layer model with the same toolset as the larger 91mm Climber.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red Cellidor.


  1. Different scale materials such as Nylon, cracked-ice synthetic, and horn.
  2. The buffalo horn scaled version is named the Vice President in this 1980 Canadian catalog.
  3. Early versions may include a shackle.
  4. Early versions may include the long nail-file on the back.


A discontinued model, this knife was quite popular in its day and remains very collectible, being an 84mm model with scissors.


  • 0.3703: Red Cellidor
  • 0.3702.61: Horn scaled, no keyring

Related Models

  • Salesman - The corkscrew is replaced by the Phillips driver
  • Alumnus - The small blade is replaced by the nail-file
  • Tourist - Removes the scissors
  • Climber - The 91mm version with same main toolset; later versions add the multipurpose hook

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