Jubilee Edition Climber. Model 1.3703.J09U The Victorinox Climber is a very popular 91mm Swiss Army Knife with a tool configuration that has a long history. This three-layer model adds the renowned Victorinox scissors to the basic Spartan model.
As a popular and slim model, it is available with many different scale colour options, and is also a common model for the tourist/picture knives.

An earlier configuration with the same tools but no-keyring was known as the Traveller.

The Essential Tool for Generations LE
The Essential Tool for Generations LE

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Climber Road Tour LE

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The Climber is available with Cellidor scales in red, black, ruby, sapphire, shadow grass camouflage, breakup camouflage and many other colours. Ecoline/Economy Nylon scales are also available.
It is the only 91mm knife with Nylon StayGlow scales available to the North American market (although many other models have StayGlow scales exchanged as a modification!).
In 2009 Victorinox started to produce a version of the StayGlow scales with the addition of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) logo.


A Swiss Army Knife with this tool configuration, or very similar, was available for a long time before descriptive names were used. Early vintage versions have a clip-point small blade.
This model has been known as the Backpacker in some regions and was marketed in the US as the President.

The earlier Traveller model (1.3702/54591) was likely introduced in the late 1970s and was the progenitor of the modern Climber (early 1980s?). However, unlike the current Climber, it did not have the keyring attachment, and at that time no models had the multipurpose hook. It was unavailable in North America after the mid-1980s. The no-keyring variations are sometimes available in other markets, and can appear from time-to-time, if a large order is requested by a re-seller or distributor.

Prior to 1991, the Climber did not come with a multipurpose hook. Many other historical tool changes also apply to the Climber, such as the switch from scissors with a screw to scissors with a rivet, and from a grooved corkscrew to a smooth corkscrew.

The older Traveller should not be confused with the modern (2006) Digital Traveller which is quite a different model.


  1. This is a very popular knife and is offered (or has been offered) with many different scale (handle) options.
  2. An unusual variation of the Climber exists with the long nail-file, (replacing the hook - on recent models), it has no keyring and the scissors open from the opposite end to normal, as is the case with LNF models. This originally was an older variant. However we know versions also exist, issued later than 2005, due to the tang stamp, so are Climbers not Travellers. They were possibly using up some old stock.
  3. The version with StayGlow (glow in the dark) scales is currently the only 91mm sized model with these special scales officially sold in North America. The StayGlow scales are also available with the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) emblem.
  4. 1991 Centennial 1891-1991 Climber Limited Edition with serial number on liner (SABI model number 5711) has a blade etching 'A Century of Craftsmanship' and is packaged in a special grey hinged presentation box and custom outer box. Limited to 5000 knives.
  5. Between 1998 and 2018, Victorinox issued the stunning Kantonsmesser series, celebrating the twenty-six cantons of the Swiss Confederation, based on the Climber model.
  6. In 2004 the luxury goods, and optical equipment manufacturer Swarovski produced a Climber with custom scales. See image below and link.
  7. In about 2005 in the Switzerland market was introduced the Piece of Switzerland Series (Ein Stück Schweiz), also known as the City or Tourist Series, contains a set of Climber models that feature pictures of iconic Swiss scenery and locations.
  8. A beautiful Beijing Opera version was released (- in the late 2000s??)
  9. In 2009 Victorinox released a limited edition Jubilee Edition Climber (see image in top panel), as part of the Jubilee Series that marked its 125th Anniversary. The Jubilee edition has special anniversary scales , as well as an anniversary logo etched on the main blade.
  10. Also in 2009 Victorinox released a limited run of specially designed scales in conjunction with the company 'Wallpaper', and the designers James Joyce and Jamie Cullen. Each design was limited to 100 pieces and was only sold through the Victorinox London Flagship Store for London's Design Festival 2009. After the event, some of James' and Jamie's cellidor scaled knives were left in stock. This remaining stock was sold later on through the Victorinox Roermond outlet store in The Netherlands at a reduced price.
  11. In 2010 Victorinox released a limited Road Tour edition featuring new black 'SoftTouch' scales and the special Road Tour logo, with the motto Your Companion for Life on the Road etched on the main blade. This was sold in special Road Tour box packaging. See image above.
  12. In 2011 Victorinox released the limited edition Damascus Climber, its second Damascus series model, featuring a stainless Damascus steel blade and ebony wood handles with an inlaid stainless-steel Victorinox shield. Each knife was stamped with the year 2011 and an individual serial number on the liner behind the corkscrew. No toothpick or tweezers were included. The knife was packaged in a special display box, and total production was limited to 4000 pieces worldwide. Model: 1.3701.J11; Weight: 87g; Width: 17.4mm
  13. Around 2015 Victorinox made special scales for a Climber in the Ukraine Series.
  14. In 2016, to celebrate the Rio Olympic Games, Victorinox released a Limited Edition Gold Climber (1.3703.T88) featuring silver-tech-style scales with a 24-carat gold backing. The knife was packaged in a display box, and came with a special lanyard. Total production was limited to 20,000 pieces worldwide.
  15. In 2016, 2018 and 2019, to celebrate Christmas, the 'White Christmas' and 'Make a wish' models were released. In 2020 the first 'Wood For You' model was released.
  16. The Place To Be series is a set of Climber models available since at least 2014.
  17. In 2020 three Digital haptic 3D scaled models (1.3703.x3D) were released in Portugal. They featured a diamond plate design with VICTORINOX on the front.
  18. In 2019 Victorinox initiated the Swiss Spirit Special Editions and in 2021 the model was a Climber that had walnut wooden scales decorated with a special laser-cut traditional Swiss silhouette design.
  19. Victorinox made several editions for the Mammut outdoor equipment company. All models had Cellidor scales and the hook with the nailfile. The first had black scales with the Mammut logo. In 2019 a white scaled model printed with ''MAMMUT EIGER EXTREME' lettering and logo. Another white scaled model was released printed with 'MAMMUT THINKXTREME' lettering and logo on an orange background. And in 2020/2021 another white scaled model was issued printed with 'MAMMUT Swiss 1862' lettering and logo on an orange background.

Physical Specifications

The Original Traveller
The Original Traveller
A Climber with the Long Nail File
A Climber with the Long Nail File
The Swarovski Climber
The Swarovski Climber
  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 17mm - StayGlow scales model
  • Weight: 82.5g - StayGlow scales model
  • Weight: 83.2g - Cellidor without hook or long-nailfile, grooved corkscrew. circa. 1986
  • Weight: 82.7g - Cellidor model with long nail file


  • 1.3703: Red Cellidor scales
  • 1.3703.3: Black Cellidor scales
  • 1.3702: The original 1970 Traveller - A 'Climber' with no keyring
  • 1.3722: Red Cellidor scales with the long nail-file
  • 1.3703.E15: Beijing Opera Mask
  • 1.3703.J09: 125th Anniversary Jubilee Limited Edition (LE)
  • 1.3703.J09U: 125th Anniversary Jubilee LE (significance of trailing 'U' designator?)
  • 1.3703.T88: Gold Olympic Limited Edition 2016
  • 1.3703.TEx: Piece of Switzerland Series
  • 1.3704.L10: RT (Road Tour) Black - Soft Touch
  • 1.370x.xxx: Christmas Limited Editions - See details and link in Variations above
  • 1.3703.V3D: Portugese Digital haptic model in red
  • 1.3703.33D: Portugese Digital haptic model in black
  • 1.3703.73D: Portugese Digital haptic model in silver
  • 1.3701.63L21: 2021 Swiss Spirit Special Edition
  • 3.3703: Red Ecoline Nylon scales
  • 3.3703.808: StayGlow scales
  • 3.3703.MIG: Red Cellidor with Swiss flags and Edelweiss flowers
  • 3.3703.3LTD: Black with gold Victorinox logo pattern scales, introduced in 2010 (aka 'Black Revival')
  • 6040-03460-9999-1: Mammut Special edition; black Cellidor scales - Mammut logo
  • W19202070: Mammut Special edition; white Cellidor scales with the ''MAMMUT EIGER EXTREME' lettering

US Model Numbers:

  • 53381: Red
  • 53383/56383: Black - The different model numbers could be due to time or packaging?
  • 53384: Black - Soft Touch
  • 53385: Ruby
  • 53386: Sapphire
  • 53388: StayGlow
  • 53389: StayGlow BSA
  • 53495: Shadow Grass Camo
  • 53496: Camouflage New Breakup
  • 54388: Matterhorn Ruby (Piece of Switzerland series?)
  • 54754: Silver Tech
  • 54992: Climber II / Eurosport model with matte finished scales
  • 5711: 1891-1991 Centennial - Red Cellidor (US SABI number)
  • 54591: The original 1970 Traveller - A Climber with no keyring

Related Models

  • Climber Small - Smaller 84mm model with the same toolset
  • Climber Lite - Adds the LED and the inline Phillips 1/2 screwdriver
  • Companion 91mm - Replaces the small blade with a nail file, and the can-opener with a box-opener
  • Battle of Sempach - A special edition from the Battle Series with the Climber toolset
  • Deluxe Climber - Adds Pliers
  • Spartan - No scissors, or hook
  • Super Tinker - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Altimeter - Adds the digital altimeter, mini-screwdriver
  • Voyager - Adds 'Plus' scales with electronic timer features
  • 'New' Traveller - Adds the 'electronic' scales that contain all the digital electronic scale functions and also all the removable scale tools
  • Huntsman - Adds a wood saw
  • Compact - Similar functions, one layer thinner. Small blade, can opener, cap lifter and awl are replaced by a combo tool; Adds 'Plus' scales and a nail file on the hook


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