Red Classic SD and a Pink Victorinox Classic The Victorinox Classic is the most common Swiss Army Knife worldwide, and is considered the standard (or base) 58mm model. It comes in two main variations:
  • The Classic, that has a nail-cleaner tip on the end of the file (bottom photo) and
  • The Classic SD, that has a ScrewDriver tip on the nail-file tool (top photo)
The Classic SD is often incorrectly referred to as the Classic, although in reality it is a very common variation and, especially in recent years, is more common than the Classic.

The Classic is available in an extremely wide range of colours and handle materials.
It is also a very popular model to be branded with a company logo, or advertising messages.

There are a number of other 58mm models with the same main tool configuration (see the table on this page). However, as a general rule, to be a Classic, the model must have the keyring, toothpick and tweezers.
There are a few exceptions to this rule: When the scales are metal the models generally do not have the tweezers or the toothpick - Such as the Alox Classic SD, the Brushed Stainless Steel Classic, and the Classic SD Sterling Series.
To make the definition just a little more imprecise! - The 58mm model with machined stainless steel scales is known as the Broker. There is also a special issue Classic SD series made for Tiffany Co. that has sterling silver scales that includes the toothpick and the tweezers!
Alox Classic SD
Alox Classic SD
Classic with the Emergency Blade
Classic with the Emergency Blade
Classic File Variation with the Ampoule Cutter
Classic File Variation with the Ampoule Cutter

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Over the years the Classic has been produced with a very wide variety of scale colours and materials. There are more scale varieties than one can really imagine, with new ones constantly being introduced, by Victorinox, and by licensed partners.
In 2021 Victorinox released a whole new series of cellidor and Alox Classic SDs in thirty new colours and also a brand new Alox pattern plus new colours. See images and details below in the Variations and Identifier sections.

Scale Material

The Classic is currently (2024) available in both the standard scale materials: Cellidor (plastic) and Alox, as well as colour -tinted transparent plastic and European walnut wood. In 2022 Victorinox released some luxury scaled Classic SDs – the Brilliant Collection.
In the past, Classics were made with a wide variety of scale materials, including nylon, stainless-steel, sterling silver, mother of pearl, gold plated steel, various woods, and natural horn.

Scale Colours

The Classic is available in a wide variety of colours beyond the basic red.
See the Colour Palette for an example of some of the colours available, or once available; and also the new 2021 colours below.


The Classic/Bijou toolset most likely came into being in the 1950s, although the descriptive names may have been introduced later. Even though the Classic is now the most popular Swiss Army Knife (of all sizes), historically in the 58mm line it was preceded by an earlier model, later known as the Pocket Pal.


  1. The Classic comes in two main tool variations: The Classic and the Classic SD. The only difference is that the Classic has a nail-cleaner at the tip of the nail-file blade, whilst the Classic SD has a small slot head screwdriver at the tip. The Classic SD seems to be the more common model these days.
  2. The Alox Classic removes the toothpick and tweezers but offers metal scales that have also been produced in different colours.
    • Initial colours were red, blue, green, black, and silver
    • 2007 Euro colours (later released in North America) were turquoise-blue, lime-green, hot-pink, orange, and silver
    • 2013 France Limited Edition colours were red, brown, blue, and dark-blue (gunmetal-blue)
  3. The Classic is also available with an 'Emergency Blade' instead of the pen blade. This blade variation is much rarer than the standard or SD versions.
  4. There was a variation of the Classic, typically produced as a marketing item for pharmaceutical companies, that had a customised version of the nail-file with an ampoule cutter on one side, and also had a ballpoint pen instead of a toothpick. Some of these models (for example, a special order for the pharmaceutical company Menarini) were named as 'DOCTORINOX' in their user manuals. They are very rare.
  5. Classics can be found with a few different Victorinox styles and logos: (Note: These are not the same as advertising or branded knives, which are custom production knives that may, or may not, also have the Victorinox logo.)
    • Victorinox logo in standard metal inlay - or hot stamped styles
    • Star of David - A blue classic with a Star of David (six-pointed star). Also available in black with a prayer printed on the back scale
    • Shamrock - A green Classic or Classic SD with a shamrock printed, or inlaid, on the scales. The earlier Shamrock Classic had lighter green scales
    • 125th Anniversary - A Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Classic SD was part of the125 Jubilee Series
  6. Gold Bar Classics: Four Gold Bar Classics were introduced in 1996 with a 1g gold bar inlaid in the scales. Each knife is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity for 1g of pure gold. These models do not include a toothpick, although sometimes they are reported to. Their model numbers indicate a toothpick is present! (n.nn02/03.nn)
  7. 2012+ Annual Classic SD LE Picture Scales designed by the public.
  8. The 2013 Black Ice limited edition (0.6223.94L12) is a limited run of 2000 pieces features a special 'Black-Ice' coating on the tools and springs. Includes special paper-box packaging designed for the Black Ice Series - which also included a 111mm Trailmaster/Trekker and 91mm Spartan models.
  9. Around 2015/2016 a variation of the Classic was released with a push pin tool, (for removing a watch strap), replacing the nail file. It was sold in a set that included a military style watch strap. A special edition was released for Baselworld 2016 Watch Expo. It was also gifted with the purchase of a watch from the Victorinox I.N.O.X. line. At least two versions of the push pin tool exist, the later version having a slimmer profile.
  10. Since 2015 Victorinox releases an Alox Classic SD as a part of an Annual Alox Limited Editions set, consisting of three coloured Alox knives: A Pioneer, Cadet and Classic. Each year's limited edition comes in a different colour.
  11. From 2015 Victorinox issued special scales on some standard models, including the Classic, for the Ukraine Special Editions.
  12. In 2017 Victorinox released the Midnight Black Classic SD Alox Special Edition (0.6221.3L17). It comes with a special gift box, matching paracord pendant and was sold only via Victorinox retail stores.
  13. In 2018 & 2019 Victorinox released a set of twelve Classic SD models with white and gold drawings on red scales, featuring the animals from the Chinese Zodiac.
  14. In 2021 Victorinox released the Classic Colours Collection comprising thirty new colours made up of ten Classic SD colours (in Cellidor), ten Classic SD transparent colours and ten Classic SD Alox colours. Each of these colour variations have a new descriptive two-word name, such as Deep Ocean and Wet Snow. Victorinox also introduced a new range of trendy silicone and leather cases with this collection.
  15. In October 2021 Victorinox released the Classic Precious Alox Collection. This collection uses a completely new stamped Alox surface design made to look like a woven pattern similar to a basket weave. Five Classic SD colours make up the collection see details below and image. The Precious Alox Collection won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2022.
  16. In 2022 Victorinox released the Classic SD Solemate Limited Edition model (0.6223.ADI) of 3.300 pieces worldwide. The knife is made to pair with the co-created Adidas EQT 93 sneaker. The knife's blade and the scales features the coordinates of both brands’ HQs. It is supplied with a nappa leather pouch and matching paracord pendant.
  17. In November 2022 Victorinox released the Classic SD Brilliant Collection, consisting of three models: the Crystal, the Damast and the Carbon.
  18. In October 2023 Victorinox released three Classic SD models ('Paris', 'Sydney' and 'New York'), with accessories, as a part of the Live to Explore Collection.

The Identifiers section below lists the model numbers of some of the key variations of the Classic.
When scale colours and materials, custom and advertising knives are considered the variations run into many thousands!

Physical Specifications

StayGlow Classic SD in its box
StayGlow Classic SD in its box
  • Length: 58mm
  • Height: 9mm
  • Weight: 21 g


  • 0.6203: Classic
  • 0.6223: Classic SD
  • 0.6221.26: Standard silver Alox Classic SD; red Victorinox logo; kr; no toothpick or tweezers

For more details on many of the variations below - See the Variations section and links above

  • 0.6202.87: Gold Bar - tweezers, black scales with 1g gold bar
  • 0.6202.89: Gold Bar - tweezers, black scales with 1gr Kinebar
  • 0.6203.5: Classic pink Cellidor scales
  • 0.6203.87: Gold Bar - tweezers, keyring, black scales with 1g gold bar
  • 0.6203.89: Gold Bar - tweezers, keyring, black scales 1g Kinebar
  • 0.6203.91: 1292-1991 700 year Eidgenossenschaft
  • 0.6203.JU: 1984 Centennial
  • 0.6221.3L17 : Classic SD Alox Special Edition 2017, midnight-black Alox scales; no tp or tw
  • 0.6221.77: Classic SD sterling silver scales
  • 0.6221.L2x: Classic SD - Alox scales; no tp or tw (older Euro models - 2007); x=2 - Turquoise-blue; x=4 - Lime-green; x=5 - Hot-pink; x=8 - Orange;
    • Note the clash of model codes between these two lines! - eg 0.6221.L22
  • 0.6221.Lyy: Annual Alox Limited Edition Classic SD; Year=yy; No tp or tw
  • 0.6223.03R2: Classic SD Star of David; black scales
  • 0.6223.94L12: Black Ice Limited Edition
  • 0.6223.ADI: Classic SD Solemate Limited Edition
  • 0.6223.BR: Black with gold Victorinox logo pattern scales, introduced in 2010 (aka 'Black Revival')
  • 0.6223.J09: 125 Anniversary
  • 0.6223.Lyynn: Annual Limited Edition Classic SD; Year=yy; nn=01-10: Model in series
  • 0.6223-Xnn : Classic SD with Chinese zodiac scales, nn=20-23 or 75-82
  • 2.6223.808: Classic SD StayGlow
  • Classic Colours Collection:
    • Cellidor colours - 0.6223.xxG:
      .G: – Classic red (Style Icon) / .83G: - Mango Tango / .8G: - Sunny Side / .43G: - Smashed Avocado / .23G: - Mountain Lake / .3G: - Dark Illusion / .28G: - Summer Rain / .52G: - Tasty Grape / .51G: - Cherry Blossom / .7G: - Falling Snow
    • Transparent colours - 0.6223.TxxG:
      .T84G: - Fire Opal / .T81G: - Tuscan Sun /.T41G: - Green Tea / .T24G: - Tropical Surf / .T61G: - Sky High / .T2G: - Deep Ocean / .T29G: - Persian Indigo / .T5G: - Cupcake Dream / .T31G: - Mystical Morning / .F55G: - Chocolate Fudge
    • Alox colours - 0.6221.2xxG:
      .201G: - Sweet Berry / .202G: - Fresh Peach / .241G: - Lime Twist / .221G: - Minty Mint / .242G: - Wild Jungle / .222G: - Night Dive / .223G: - Electric Lavender / .251G: - Flamingo Party / .252G: - Cotton Candy / .255G: - Wet Sand
  • Classic Precious Alox Collection: - 0.6221.40xxG:
    • .401G: - Iconic Red / .405G: - Gentle Rose / .4031G: - Infinite Grey / .408G: - Brass Gold / .4011G: - Hazel Brown
  • Classic Brilliant Collection: - 0.6221.xx:
    • .34: - Brilliant Damast / .35: - Brilliant Crystal / .90: - Brilliant Carbon
  • Live to Explore Collection: - 0.6223.E22x:
    • 1: - Paris / 2: - Sydney / 3: - New York

Note: Also see the comment at the bottom of the Variations section.

US Model Numbers:

  • 1394: BSA Logo, red Cellidor (SABI number)
  • 53011: Classic SD Economy red Nylon scales
  • 53099: Brushed stainless steel
  • 53181: Classic red Cellidor scales
  • 56011: Classic SD red Cellidor scales

Related Models

The Classic is the standard 58mm model, however there are many similar models, even with the same toolset, that are often mistakenly referred to as 'Classics' - See below - and this page.

  • Tomo - A unique Japanese flavoured 'Classic' with unusual scales
  • Bijou - Does not have a keyring
  • Companion - No toothpick or tweezers, and generally smooth metal scales
  • DeLuxe - A luxury model featuring high luster enameled scales with a marbled pattern and gold trim; no toothpick, tweezers or keyring
  • Signature and Signature II - A pen is substituted for the toothpick
  • Swiss Lite - A red LED light replaces the toothpick
  • Broker - Solid stainless steel scales; no toothpick or tweezers
  • Diplomat - Stamped stainless steel scales; no toothpick or tweezers

  • Ambassador - A larger 74mm model with the same toolset


  • Esquire - A Wenger 65mm model with similar tools
  • Lithos Series - Luxury 65mm models with gold and inlaid stone scales; no toothpick, tweezers or keyring
  • Macao Series - Luxury 65mm models with Chinese hand lacquered finishes; no toothpick, tweezers or keyring

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