Cigar Cutter


This is the Cigar Cutter/Punch from the 74mm Cigar Cutter knife.
The Victorinox cigar-cutter tool is only available on the 74mm Cigar Cutter model.
This tool is both a punch and a cutter, consisting of three laser-sharpened circular hollow punches that have slightly tapered profiles, with inside diameters of 5.4mm, 8.35mm, and 10.4mm for different cigar 'ring gauges' (or widths).
The ring punches are used to punch/cut a hole into the end of a cigar, then a twist of the tool, or cigar, cuts into the cigar and, as the punch is extracted from the cigar, the tapered shaft helps remove a minimal amount of material from the end of the cigar, so that it can be smoked.
The cigar-cutter is the size of two typical tool layers in width, the tool blade only requires a single spring to operate, however the punches are extra wide, requiring the clearance width of an extra layer.


Close up of the Wenger Cigar Cutter bypass shears found on several Wenger knives. It operates off the main knife back spring just like the Wenger scissors do.
The Wenger cigar cutter is of a totally different design and uses a different cutting technique.
It is a scissor-like tool with two very sharp, cupped, single-beveled-edged blades that are used to snip a slice off the end of the cigar. The tool's spring lever operates just like on the regular scissors, using its back spring.
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