same tools as the Wenger Canyon The Wenger Canyon and Evolution S111 models have the same main tools. The S111 (pictured right) adding a locking main blade and featuring the Evolution (Evo) ergonomic scales.

Layer Tools

The Canyon with regular scales
The Canyon with regular scales

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red synthetic


The EVO S111 was introduced in 2009.


  • 16824 Wenger NA: Evo S111 red scales
  • 16947 Wenger N.A.: Red plain scales
  • 1.11.11 Wenger AN: Standard red scales

Related Knives 

  • Viking - A corkscrew replaces the Phillips
  • Highlander - The nail-file replaces the small blade
  • Evo S10 - Locking blade, a corkscrew replaces the Phillips


  • Tinker - A similar Victorinox model
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