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The Bit-Driver was introduced into the Swiss Army Knife lineup in 1999.  Its main use is as a 4mm hex bit driver that accepts a variety of double-ended changeable bits.  It is also designed for use as a 5mm hex-nut-driver, these nuts are used to secure D-Type electronic connectors often used for serial-ports or older monitor connectors.  These connectors however are falling out of use.

The driver is designed for use in the fully open or fully extended position, as well as in the 90deg position where it forms a right-angle with the knife handle.

The Bit-Driver is paired with a Bit-Carrier in the same knife layer.  This is a plastic carrier that can hold 3 bits, and 1 bit can be stored in the actual driver when the knife is closed.

The following are the bits supplied with the Victorinox Cybertool models:

  • #2 Phillips and 4mm Flat Head (Replacement Part No. 30543)
  • #8 Torx and 4mm Hex (Replacement Part No. 30544)
  • #10 Torx and #15 Torx (Replacement Part No. 30545)
  • #0 Pozidrive and #1 Pozidrive (Replacement Part No. 30546) (can also be used for Phillips 0 & Phillips 1)

Additional bits supplied with the SwissChamp XAVT, and SwissChamp XXLT:

  • Slotted 3x1 and Slotted 4x1
  • Torx 6 and Torx 8
  • Hex 1.2 and Hex 1.5
  • Hex 2 and Hex 2.5

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