Bernina 504

85mm knife outfitted with implements for seamstress or tailor The Bernina 504 (also known as the Bernina Swiss Sewing Knife) is an 85mm 5-layer Wenger Swiss Army Knife produced in collaboration with the Swiss sewing machine manufacturer Bernina.
It has a number of unique implements designed specifically for the tailor or seamstress.

Discontinued model

Main Tools

The model 504 has no conventional knife blade. Instead it has a large number of sewing related functions, several of them exclusive to this knife.

  • One rather unique item is a rotary cutter that uses round, replaceable razor blades. On the back side of this tool is a small notch that acts as a thread cutter.
  • Alongside is a seam guide, described in more detail in the Removeable Tools section.
  • An intricate folding plastic carrier takes up two layers. It houses a number of the model 504's removeable tools.
  • On the backspring there is a hollow round awl, intended for punching lacing holes in leather or heavy fabric.
backside of model 504, with tools removed
Removeable tools
exploded view of model 504 components
Component list
The following 'regular' tools are also included:

Removeable Tools

Another feature exclusive to the 504 is a removeable seam guide/ribbon guide/elastic guide. It has both an inch and metric scales, as well as a small plastic slider which acts as a guide.

Housed in the folding plastic carrier are a number of items, including a needle threader, an embroidery wand, and a two-piece needle inserter/thread ripper/textile marker. Spare textile marker refills are also housed in the carrier.

Scales and Scales Tools

Handle scales are a white cellidor, with floral patterns and a large Bernina by Wenger logo on one side. The Wenger Cross logo is also on one side of the knife.
Contained in the handle scales are a standard set of tweezers and a toothpick.


The instruction sheet included with the Bernina 504 pictured here was dated 08/04.
In the 2008 Wenger catalog, the name is listed as Bernina Swiss Sewing Knife.


  • 6.504.42.013

Related Models

Due to its unique set of tools there are no similar or related models.
However Bernina and Wenger also collaborated on a 65mm SAK, the Bernina Mini Spot Light.

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