Wenger Serrated Backpacker The Wenger Backpacker, and the Wenger Serrated Backpacker are 85mm Swiss Army Knives with three tool layers.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red synthetic scales. Some come with a Backpacker image stamped into the scale.


  1. The Serrated Backpacker version features a 100% serrated main blade.
  2. The Hardwoods 13 features a plain blade, nail file, corkscrew and camouflage scales. 'WENGER' is embossed on the front scale.
  3. The Camo 08 was the precursor of the Hardwoods 13 model, and features a different pattern camouflage scales. 'WENGER' is not embossed on the front scale.
  4. The model 1.13.03 and the later Classic 13 both feature standard red scales, plain blade, nail-file and corkscrew.
  5. The Basic 08 is part of an economic line of knives, sold at a cheaper price, and usually features the Wenger shield printed (not inlaid) on the front scale. This model also features standard red scales, plain blade, nail-file, corkscrew and excludes the toothpick and tweezers.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm


  • 1.13.03: Regular Backpacker - Plain blade, nail-file and a corkscrew (16911)
  • Listed as Classis 13 - Plain blade, nail file and a corkscrew
  • Hardwoods 13
  • Camo 08
  • 1.08.01: Listed as Basic 08 - Plain blade, nail file, corkscrew, no tweezers or toothpick

US Model Numbers: (In brackets above)

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  • Camper - Similar Victorinox model with a corkscrew
  • Hiker - Similar Victorinox model with a Phillips screwdriver
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