Automobile Special

Victorinox Automobile Special The Victorinox Automobile Special knife is an older 3-layer 91mm model featuring the antique auto inlay on the top scale. It is one of the few knives that offers the metal saw and file in a 3 layer sized knife.

The Automobile Special name is not official; as no official name seems to exist it may have been named differently by distributors in different markets.

Discontinued Model.

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Red Cellidor, with Antique Auto inlay on the top scale.


  1. Earlier square shank Phillips driver.
  2. Fine screwdriver on the back; this version seems less common.
  3. Promotional etching on main blade.


The article number 1.4642.73 and was produced between ~1974 and 1989. In 1980 the new round Phillips screwdriver was introduced and in 1984 the reamer was produced with an additional sewing eye.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 16.6mm
  • Weight: 81g


  • 1.4642.73 Victorinox AN: Red Cellidor with antique automobile inlay.
  • 1.4643.73 Victorinox AN: Red Cellidor with antique automobile inlay, includes keyring.

Related Models

  • Clipper - Corkscrew replaces Phillips, optional keyring, no special scale inlay
  • Automobile - Technician's screwdriver replaces small pen-blade, St. Christopher inlay or no inlay.
  • Hiker - Wood saw replaces metal saw/file.
  • Grand Prix - Newer 4 layer model, adds scissors (may have backside fine screwdriver)

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