An Elinox Automobile knife, model 8134maU with nickle-silver St. Christopher inlaid in place of the regular Elinox sheild logo. The Victorinox Automobile knife is an older three-layer 91mm model that often has a special St. Christopher (the patron saint of the traveller) inlay on the top scale. This knife includes the Technician's fine-screwdriver, which is no longer available on modern knives, and is one of the few knives that offers the metal saw and file in a three-layer knife.
This information sheet once supplied with the knife illustrates the unique tool selection.
In North America this model has also been advertised as the Motorist.

Discontinued model.

Name Disambiguation:
Definitively known as the Automesser (AN: 8134ma) in German speaking countries. It is sometimes referred to as a Motorist because of its entry in this Catalog, and several official Victorinox brochures. This model should not be confused with the later Motorist model.

There is a similar larger five-layer model known as the Luxury Automobile, or Cadillac.

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Red Cellidor. Older versions will have a nickle-silver St. Christopher inlay on the top scale.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 16.6mm
  • Weight: 85g


  1. The Antique Auto inlay on the top scale rather than the St. Christopher inlay.
  2. Victoria/Victorinox or Elinox tang stamps
  3. May have been available with a shackle


Early versions will feature: The original triangular (tetrahedron) shaped Awl/Reamer, that is partially recessed in the scales when closed; the square Phillips driver; and a nickle-silver St. Christopher inlay on the top scale.
It appears this model evolved into the Grand Prix.


  • 8134ma Victorinox AN: (the original model numbering system) - Red Cellidor with St. Christopher Inlay.
  • 1.4642 Victorinox AN: Red Cellidor, exact configuration unknown

Related Knives 

  • Automobile Special - Small pen-blade replaces technician's screwdriver, antique auto inlay.
  • Clipper - Small blade replaces technician's screwdriver, corkscrew replaces Phillips, optional keyring, no special scale inlay
  • Luxury Automobile - Adds scissors, wood saw, and long nailfile.
  • Grand Prix - Newer four layer model, adds scissors; small blade replaces the technician's screwdriver (may have backside fine screwdriver)
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