Victorinox Artisan 84mm -- aka Fieldmaster - small.

Photo by: manatakui (SOSAK) The model currently known as the Artisan in SAKWiki (also known as the Fieldmaster-small, or Craftsman), is an 84mm Victorinox model with four tool layers and the same tool selection as the larger 91mm Fieldmaster.

Discontinued Model

Name Disambiguation: This model (no. 136ka) was originally named the Craftsman, (at least in the US market), before the Craftsman name was used for the 91mm six-layer model circa 1973-6. This tool configuration, with horn scales, was also known as a Golfer, as can be seen in this US catalog.
This is another example of naming being inconsistent in different markets and over the years! See History below.

Layer Tools

Reference from 1954 US Brochure
Reference from 1954 US Brochure
Reference from 1950s 8 Model Catalog
Reference from 1950s 8 Model Catalog

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor


Historically, the naming of the different Swiss Army Knife models has been inconsistent across the markets of the world, as initially Victorinox did not give all models textual names - they were known by model numbers/codes, in this case 136ka. Various dealers, distributors and importers named the different models themsleves to suit their own sales and marketing needs; also naming errors sometimes occurred!

The name Artisan has appeared stamped on a knife box containing this model, indicating it was the proper name used in some markets. A 1976 US Distributor Catalog reference was found for this model with the name Artisan; this name also appears in a 1980 Canadian Distributor's catalog from SMICO, but not for the identical model (which could be just a common catalogue error!).

At one time the Craftsman name was applied to the equivalent model in the 91mm size, even though today we use the name Fieldmaster. Some US catalogues also list Craftsman as the name for this smaller model (see images above - Note: The left-hand image shows a corkscrew but the 1 in the model code indicates that it has the Phillips).
Note: The translation of the French word 'artisan' is 'craftsman', also 'artisan' is a synonym for craftsman in English, so these could be reasons for the confusion!

There is at least one example of an early 1950s model in the appropriate box for the period with the name Craftsman: Tang Stamps: Armee Suisse / VICTORIA; can-opener with US PAT PEND (see image below). Another example had: The small clip-point blade; scissors with screw-pivot and double leaf-spring; square Phillips with can-key. Tang stamps: Obverse: VICTORINOX| SWITZERLAND| STAINLESS| ROSTFREI; Reverse: OFFICIER| SUISSE| + crossbow .

The Craftsman name, along with Woodsman, are the names where there is most re-use and potential confusion - see also Master Craftsman.


  1. The saw and scissors layers can switch positions in the knife. - The scissors layer has switched positions on other models as well over time.
  2. Phillips screwdrivers vary depending on the era of manufacturing. File, double cut file, smooth and can key versions have been documented.
  3. Versions with the three different older single-leaf scissor spring, are also known.
Box marked 'Craftsman'; ~1951; CO:- US PAT PEND
Box marked 'Craftsman'; ~1951; CO:- US PAT PEND

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 19.8mm
  • Weight: 89.15g


  • 136ka: The historical model number for this model (k =small {klien};  a=toothpick and tweezers)
  • 0.4xx3 - Modern number (0 for 84mm, 4 for Phillips, 3 for t&t, xx probably =71 - from 91mm Fieldmaster!)

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