Annual Alox Limited Editions

Victorinox Pioneer Alox Annual LE 2015-2018 Since 2015 Victorinox annually releases a 'Limited' Edition set of three coloured Alox models:

A Pioneer, a Cadet and a Classic.

Each year's edition comes in a different colour and they are sold in special packaging.
The panel on the back scale is engraved with the year of production, so they are 'limited' by time not quantity!


Year Scale colour Pioneer Cadet Classic
2015 Steel Blue 0.8201.L15 0.2601.L15 0.6221.L15
2016 Orchid Violet 0.8201.L16 0.2601.L16 0.6221.L16
2017 Olive Green 0.8201.L17 0.2601.L17 0.6221.L17
2018 Berry Red 0.8201.L18 0.2601.L18 0.6221.L18
2019 Champagne Gold 0.8201.L19 0.2601.L19 0.6221.L19
2020 Aqua Blue 0.8201.L20 0.2601.L20 0.6221.L20


Victorinox Pioneer Alox Annual LE 2015-2018
Pioneer 2015-2018
Victorinox Pioneer, Cadet and Classic SD Alox Annual LE 2016.
2016 Pioneer, Cadet and Classic
Victorinox Alox LE 2019 Flyer
Victorinox Alox LE 2019 Flyer
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