Altimeter Tool

The digital altimeter is contained in some of the more recent Swiss Army Knifes that are designed for the outdoors.
It has an altitude measurement range of -100 to +6000m or -300 to +18000ft.
The tool also contains a digital thermometer that can measure the range of -20°C to +60ºC or 0ºF to +140ºF.
The altimeter must be calibrated for the region, and weather conditions, in which it will be used - see instructions below!
The Swiss shield in the scales acts as a push-button switch to activate the display, set calibration, and select units of measurement.

The altimeter/thermometer uses a 3 volt lithium battery (button cell CR 1225).

The altimeter tool/function was originally available in the digital scale display of the Altimeter model.
In 2006 the digital functions of the Altimeter were added to the Voyager clock/timer functions to give the new combined digital scale tool that became available with the new Traveller model.

Altimeter Instructions - Page 1

Altimeter Instructions - Page 2

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