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Victorinox Altimeter Plus 1.3715.AT The Victorinox Altimeter Plus is a 91mm Swiss Army knife that adds a woodsaw to the Altimeter model. The main feature of this knife is the digital Altimeter Tool contained in the scales.

As of 2008 (actually prior to 2008), the Altimeter and Altimeter Plus appear discontinued and replaced with the Traveller models; However, they are still readily available.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Altimeter Plus - original version
Altimeter Plus - original version

Scale Tools


  • Ruby Transparant Scales with LCD Digital Display

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 22mm (53944 original version w/o pen or tweezers)
  • Weight: 101.5g (53944 original version w/o pen or tweezers)


  1. The original version of the Altimeter Plus came without Tweezers, the removable Ballpoint Pen, and Straight Pin, but included the Fine Screwdriver (2.5mm) on the reverse, US Model 53944.
  2. Some models, called "Altimeter Plus Expedition Set," were marketed with a leather case, a Maglite Solitaire, and a compass/level/ruler; this Set included the Fine Screwdriver (2.5mm), Tweezers, removable Ballpoint Pen, Straight Pin, and Eyeglass/Jewelers Screwdriver, US Model 53522.


As of 2008, this model appears to have been discontinued. As of 2009 it is still available, but somewhat hard to find.


  • 53957 US Model - Ruby Translucent Scales (latest version)
  • 53944 US Model - includes fine screwdriver on the back side.
  • 53522 US Model - Expedition Set
  • 1.3715.AT Victorinox: Ruby Translucent scales, may not include fine screwdriver

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