Aitor Gran Capitan Aitor is a Spanish company that produces a wide range of knives, including pocket multitools, for many diverse purposes.

A subset of their 'multiadventure' models mimic the Swiss Army Knife style in looks and design.

General Company Info

Aitor is based in Spain and was founded in 1939. It makes a wide range of multipurpose razors and knives, including cutlery and hunting knives. Aitor supplies knives to the Spanish, German, Dutch, Indonesian, and Estonian armies. It also supplies knives for the Spanish and French police.

At one time Aitor knives were very similar to Victorinox - see image at bottom of page. Later they switched to producing larger 105mm models.
They have also produced some very different and innovative tools for their pocket knives.

Aitor produces a respectable product, however some feel that the quality is not as good as that of Wenger or Victorinox.

Editors Note: Need update on current Aitor activity and production

Identifying an Aitor

For most collectors, identifying a particular tool as something other than a Victorinox or Wenger is pretty easy.
However, knowing for sure which company made the item in question is not necessarily as easy.
Here a few things to look for that identify an item as an Aitor: - Also see image below.

  1. Most obvious is the symbol is not any version of a Swiss Cross. The traditional Aitor symbol is shield with an X in the middle, and a cross above. Sometimes the name Aitor will be seen underneath the shield. More recently Aitor has a new symbol that looks like it might be wheat or some other plant in the centre, again with the Aitor name underneath.
  2. The pliers on an Aitor are of a very different, and innovative, design.
  3. The reamer has a dramatically different shape compared to a Victorinox or Wenger tool. The sewing eye is much higher on the tool, close to the tip.
  4. The corkscrew appears to have a tighter twist and to be fluted.
  5. Finally, the main blade should have Aitor stamped on it.

Contact Information

AITOR - Grupo Pielcu,
Pol. Ind. Campollano, Avda. 0, Nº28 - P.O.Box: 5273
02007 Albacete - España

Phone:+34 967 523 568
Fax: +34 967 523 569


Aitor Models and Images

Aitor Fisherman's knife
Aitor Fisherman's knife
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