EVO S557

This is the EvoGrip version of the S557. It  has black rubber grip pads installed onto the scales. The Wenger EVO S557 and EVOGrip S557 are five-layer 85mm Swiss Army Knives with locking blades, a wide variety of tools and ergonomically contoured scales.

This model is Wenger's showpiece, as it includes all the mainline 85mm tools and features unique to Wenger 'Genuine Swiss Army Knives', such as: the wrench; slip-joint pliers; locking main blade; auto-locking screwdrivers; springless self-sharpening scissors; Evolution scales.

Discontinued - But still available as a Victorinox Delémont - See History.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Three scale options: Solid red ergonomic Evolution; Red EvoGrip with black rubber grip pads; EvoWood made from Swiss Walnut.


First introduced in 2006 with the standard Evolution scales. The EVOGrip version was introduced 2007, the EvoWood version in 2010.
When the Wenger Swisss Army Knives were discontinued in 2013, this model featured in Wenger's farewell United Woods Limited Edition boxed set.
From 2014 Victorinox decided to continue manufacturing the S557 model as part of the Delémont range.


The Exclusivities model (1.557.59.399) was a special version of the S557 only available to dealers and promoters, it featured in the Wenger 2011 'Displays, Print, and Merchandising Material' dealer's catalog and is listed as the "Exclusivities Swiss Army Knife for Demonstrations."
This model, unusually, had two different scale types: Translucent red on the front, with EXCLUSIVITIES imprinted in white and the regular embossed WENGER; EvoGrip scales on the back, with www.wenger.ch laser etched into the larger rubber grip pad; and of course, as the S557, showcased most of the regular tools and features unique (ie exclusive) to Wenger - see list in main panel at top of page.
Full Exclusivities S557 image gallery here.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Weight: 127g


  • 1.557.059.300: Evolution S557 (16817)
  • 1.557.59.821: EVOGrip S557 (16183)
  • 1.557.059.830 EvoWood S557 (16388)
  • 1.557.59.399: Exclusivities variation

US model numbers in brackets

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