Victorinox Hunter XT-CS

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2012 Victorinox Hunter XT with corkscrew (rather than Phillips) and orange/black dual-density scales.  Model: 0.8341.MC9. Victorinox marketing image. The Victorinox Hunter XT-CS is a corkscrew version of the US Hunter XT model.  Victorinox in Canada refers to this model as the Hiker XT, but in Europe refers to this model as simply the Hunter XT. That is too confusing so we designated it with this unoffcial name for now, but may adopt the Canadian name in the future. The Hunter XT-CS is a 3 layer 111mm knife first introduced in 2012.  This model is quite unique for a Swiss Army Knife, featuring both plain and serrated edged knife blades, and no standard opener layer (cap-lifter, can-opener, and their combined screwdrivers).  Originally release only outside of North America with Orange and Black dual-density scales which were first to appear on this model and the Hunter XS.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

none  — This knife and the others currently featuring the dual-density scales don’t include the typical toothpick and tweezers in the scales.


Orange/Black dual density scales.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm (nominal frame size)
  • Width:
  • Weight:



First introduced in October 2012 with Orange/Black dual-density scales, and a short orange and black lanyard.


  • 0.8341.MC9 Victorinox AN: Hunter XT with corkscrew and orange/black dual density scales.

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